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Topic: Please help an ignorant newbie!

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    Please help an ignorant newbie!

    Hello, i\'m about to enter the world of soft samplers, what i really need is the ability to use the most realistic sounds possible, i do not have an unlimited budget, i currently own a mac g4, pro tools le ( digi 001 ), and logic, i was thinking about getting a pc and gigastudio, but my associate has asked me if there is no way to get similar results with our mac without the need to purchase a pc, in other words, by just using our mac, so, my actual question is, which soft sampler should i get?? do i try to go the mac way or should i go the pc way?? i\'ve heard a lot about kontakt, gigastudio exs24 too, i just dont know what to do, and my budget doesnt allow me to have all of the softsamplers, just one, i am confused and need your help, i need to make a decision soon!

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    Re: Please help an ignorant newbie!

    depends on the instruments you\'re after, and the variations.

    Kontakt seems to be the best choice right now for macs, in terms of developer support and funcionality. EXS24 being the other (and being only Logic)

    Hard to say, since I dont have any personal experience with any of these on a Mac.

    check the Kontakt forum. at this site.

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    Re: Please help an ignorant newbie!

    Hi Donald,

    You\'re trying to make an investment decision in a strange time. Gigastudio 3 is due to be released sometime this year, so it would be certainly something that you might want to wait for. Gigastudio 3 is supposed to add a lot of functionality to make possible even more powerful libraries. Also, there has been talks about integrated effect plugin capability (which would allow for you to use your favourite plugin reverb in realtime instead of having to use the mediocre NFX1 reverb).

    If you want to stay in the Mac, EXS24 would probably be the way to go (Although there\'s some new samplers coming out, like MOTU Mach Five). Like King said, Kontakt is another option that you have for the Mac.

    Since your budget isn\'t unlimited, you should probably wait though and see how Giga 3 pans out (according to some folks, it will wipe out anything else off the map). Sadly, there\'s some uncertainty as to the development of Giga 3, and the ulterior support from library developers (read the thread in this newsgroup that questions the existence of copy protection in Giga 3).

    Unfortunately, you\'re faced with a difficult decission, and I know my ranting probably doesn\'t help any [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] You need to realize that when you invest in a soft sampler it isn\'t just the sampler you invest in, but the libraries that you buy for it (disregarding format conversion, or the possibility of cross upgrades between platforms). Good luck to you.


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    Re: Please help an ignorant newbie!

    Another consideration - with the soft sampler in the Mac, you\'re devoting significant resources (RAM, CPU usage) toward processing the sounds, resulting in decreased horsepower avqailoable for DP. With a dedicated second computer, that horsepower is \'outside\' the box, and all the Mac has to handle are the audio streams, which, if time is not an issue, can be recorded into the sequencer one at a time.

    OTOH, with a separate PC, beside the sampler and libraries, you also need: the box, a high-quality audio card and MIDI connections both to and from the Mac.

    If you can find the cash (and wait for GS3,) the separate box is much more powerful and flexible, but the choice is yours (you could start with something like Kontact, the eventually add the second machine nd move everything over at a later date.)


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    Re: Please help an ignorant newbie!

    The types of instruments im most interested in are orchestral instruments, pop-salsa brass sections, but also modern sounds, the whole arsenal that would allow me to respond to requests to make jingles, in any kind of genre imaginable, although my favorite style is orchestral. I still dont totally understand how these samplers work regarding the sequencer, do they have any sort of built in sequencer? Do most people that use gigastudio have the sampler installed in one machine, and the sequencer in another machine? If so, would it work exactly like it does with my korg triton, it is connected to the mac using one midi in and one midi out cable, and 2 audio (l/r) cables, would i be correct in assuming then, that the giga pc would take the place of the triton and the procedure would be exactly the same? midi in/out and 2 audio cables going out of the giga pc and into the sequencer pc( or mac)? i really would like to know what it is that most users do

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    Re: Please help an ignorant newbie!

    You use a Mac and Logic so its not hard really; you use EXS24 MkII. End of story. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The Pro edition of the VSL will be 24 bit on EXS24 and the QLSO will have its own engine from NI - I really don\'t see where Giga fits into the picture.

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