Is there a way to remotely change vi frames from outside the program? What I'd like to accomplish to set up a rig to perform live. My Mac running Logic (even DP, Live, Mainstage - anything) would be the master computer, and I'd have my slave computer running VEP 5 via LAN/MIDI. All my sound libraries would be on VEP. If there are 30 songs in the show, I would set up and have loaded 30 vi-frames (each frame would be the setup for each song) inside of one metaframe. With 2 MIDI keyboard controllers (or at least one) on different MIDI channels, I'd like to acess the sounds within one vi-frame for each song. Then when the song is over, if the singer calls out song #5, I'd like to be able to quickly switch to that particular vi-frame.

In the end, I'd like to be able to use my VEP 5 machine as a sample player and have instant access to the VEP instantiated plug ins (EastWest, Kontakt, Omnisphere) which I have previously set up as viframes inside one metaframe.

How could I make this work? Is there another or better way to set this up?