Malmsj÷ Acoustic Grand v.2.0 will shortly be available. V 2.0 will include .nki\'s for use with Kontakt as well as with GigaStudio.

Kontakt owners will need to import the sample with Kontakt, and then replace the .nki-files with the ones from the CD.

A new instrument, Malmsj÷ Dream Grand is introduced - a version based on the softest velocities only. It is a good candidate for use with Kontakt\'s effects, such as chorus, flanger, etc.

The 2.0 .art-files and the .nki-files will be available for free download from Art Vista. The .wav\'s in the softer velocities has needed some extra work for the boosted exposure in the \"Dream Grand\". They are 200Mb in size and will only be available on CD from Art Vista.

Contact me if you recently have bought the Malmsj÷ directly from me to be used with Kontakt.

Hans Adamson
Art Vista Productions