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Topic: Yamaha wind synth with GPO/JBB and Aria

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    Yamaha wind synth with GPO/JBB and Aria

    I know that these libraries with Aria are set up for use with the EWI, but to what extent are they compatible with the Yamaha WX series. I have the WX11, and the breath sensor works for volume and attack, but I get no response from the lip/reed sensor for intonation/modulation. Does anyone know of a way to tweak things so that the lip sensor is recognized and routed to pitch or modulation? The modulation wheel on my Axiom 64 is automatically detected and works, so there should be a way to do this.

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    Re: Yamaha wind synth with GPO/JBB and Aria

    Bradshaw77, I looked through some online info, but I couldn't be sure from what I saw if the WX11 will work with Garritan. The WX11 is an older, discontinued wind controller made when hardware synths were still everyone's primary sound sources, instead of software synths/samplers.

    I looked at an online manual for the WX11, and there are instructions for customizing how the instrument works with modules other than the WT11 Tone Generator it was designed to be used with. It's not as if I could follow the instructions for adapting the unit to work with other sound sources, but it seemed to only be talking about hardware modules.

    Here's something I saw at a Yamaha -"...If you don't want/need the programmable controllers on the WX5, or the thumb bender of either the WX5 or WX7, then the WX11 is an excellent choice." That makes it sound like the user can't re-program the controls on the WX11, unlike the other wind controllers from the same Yamaha series.--

    But, I don't know the answers - I'm just saying that from a cursory look at info this morning, I'm not sure your controller can be adapted to Garritan programming. Maybe someone else here with direct experience will see your thread and give you more info.


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