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Topic: assigning effects to a channel

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    assigning effects to a channel


    I use Gigastudio 160 and I cant solve the following problem :

    Whenever I enable DSP effects(which are great), it applies them to all channels. how do I assign them to single channels?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: assigning effects to a channel

    Under your MIDI mixer you have probably assigned all outputs to 1,2. Change these to 3,4 etc.

    A funny related topic that I had last night..no not that one!!

    I loaded up a gsp and I noticed that I only had one channel under DSP settings - 1,2
    Phunny I fought. I couldn\'t get more. Then I unticked the reset ticks that were set on and just reset the mixer and I got back my 32 DSP mixer channels. My default gsp was set up with just 2 channels.
    Wow I fought. 16 stereo channels to put effects on, but what to put where? Reverb on a few certainly chewed up the CPU %. OK I fought again, why not use the AUX busses. If I set 3 busses up with delays, chorus and reverb and control them with MIDI controllers this should work. So I set it up and every time I go into right-click on the wet effects and select the option to show me the controller assignments - it crashes.


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