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Topic: Need opinion for my symphonic work

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    Need opinion for my symphonic work

    Hi all
    I\'m currently working on a project for a watch high standing publicity. I really would like to have your opinion about this work.... thanks in advance. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Need opinion for my symphonic work

    I would try to push the percussion back, it\'s a little front and center. In general, the soundstage is a little crowded. Sometimes a bit of subtle delay on one channel or another of a track will help break up the clog.

    There is an ascending tutti figure that happens first about 1/4 of the way through and again at the end. The harmonies are a little awkward...I am not getting a clear intention of harmonic direction there. I would check the individual lines there and make sure all the parts are playing an interesting line, and let that inform the blocking of those chords. Perhaps opening up the voicing as you go up in tessitura would help those sections.

    Finally, I would perhaps lean a little less on the \"big swell to sudden emptiness\" trick. Once is enough...that device is really becoming a cliche.

    What is this piece for? Good luck with it.

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    Re: Need opinion for my symphonic work

    Nice work ... maybe just some variations in the orchestration :

    Strings can stop playing (a little) ... just brass chords, or trumpet solo with woodwinds chords, etc. ?

    A flute playing a \"contrechant\" could be interesting too (like an \"angel voice\").

    Timpani (pp) and windchimes (replace some cymbal rolls) could be fine.

    That\'s my two cents ...


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    Re: Need opinion for my symphonic work

    Thank you for your help which I find perfectly justified. the problem is that I have only 5 days to do this work. Difficult to deepen with a so little time.

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