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Topic: Cakewalk Soundstage only on 2 tracks?

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    Cakewalk Soundstage only on 2 tracks?

    I\'ve been experimenting with Cakewalk\'s Soundstage plugin, and I can only use 2 instances in real-time before I get a system crash.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any workarounds? Editing the audio with it is an option, but not a good one, as it\'s permanent. Putting the effect on an AUX bus won\'t work because of the nature of the effect.

    Normally, I can run multiple instances of a plugin on my computer. Is this one just resource heavy?

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    Re: Cakewalk Soundstage only on 2 tracks?

    I have been able to run 8 instances simultaneously on separate audio input channels in Logic (PC: Athlon 2100 with 512 Mb), which put the CPU meter up close to maximum.

    BTW, I have seen crashes when running SoundStage on mono channels and then switching on the \"Stereo Input\" button. Never encountered other problems with it.

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