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Topic: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

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    Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    OK, I know Garritan will hit the market soon enough and is said to blow us all away BUT... I need a good solo violin and cello NOW.
    Also, I can\'t go 1k for solo strings.

    Anyway... Im a bit torn now between London and KHunter solo strings.

    There is a 50% price diff as well.

    I seem to like them both. KH strings seem very airy and alive. London seem dark and brooding.

    What\'s your take on the two? Or is it....just wait for Gary?

    Thanks all.
    Let the BOWS fly where they may [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    PS. Where to find a more dark/soft piano? Giga piano is too powerful and bright for what I am working on right.

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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    I\'d wait for the VSL solo strings, as they will ROCK with the true legato and the excellent sound quality. As of yet I haven\'t really heard any exciting new solo strings. I\'m sure you can\'t go wrong with the London Strings or Kirk Hunter solo strings, though. Especially considering the price. Personally I don\'t like what I\'ve heard of either of them. It takes a lot to impress me nowadays, with the revolutionizing Vienna Symphonic Library true legato approach.

    Might be worth holding your horses for the EWQLSO solo strings as well. I haven\'t heard it so I can\'t really comment on them.

    How much of your work requires solo strings, and how urgent is it? Maybe it\'d be better to hire a violinist or cellist or whatever until all these new libraries are out.

    As for your soft/dark piano needs I swear by Malmsjö. If you like the sound of Thomas Newman\'s piano work in his scores, and the piano in J.Williams\' A.I, you\'ll love the Art Vista Malmsjö.

    Just a thought.


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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    the Malmsjo \"is\" the Newman piano sound [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I dont even have that and I can tell by all the people that have used it, and heard how its been used.

    Cheap too, so I\'m buying it soon to have on hand.

    As for solo Strings. I dunno if Garritan\'s will be soon at all. He\'s even stated that he\'s waiting for GS 3.0.

    right now I\'m with TJ on this. VSL (which still has a chance at releasing on 2.5) is looking to be my first choice. With QLSO being my second, since I dont personally know how the legato stuff will work yet.

    I\'ve heard some of the upcomming Garritan stuff as well as early forms of the concepts and they are freaking *incredibly* cool, and will have more options than anyone currently (and some coming) will have. It still doesn\'t mean it will be VERY soon, or will be what you need.

    Solo instruments, I\'m finding are really REALLY based on personal taste, and I\'m beginning to think its better to get a live player like TJ mentioned.

    I\'ld like a sample lib to have for basic mockups, and the one that will get me the quickest basic will be my first choice. Then some mics and an average-good player with takes I can chop into one good one. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    BTW you can get meal worms at your local petstore. They dont come in cans tho, plastic containers usually.

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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    I don\'t think GSS (Garritan Solo Strings) has been priced at $1k, has it? Has it even been priced at all?

    And everyone seems to say get the VSL solo strings, but I think Frank said he needed something immediately. If you had to choose between KHSS and LSS, which would you pick? I\'m curious to know, as well, since I\'ll be on the market for some solo strings fairly soon. I must say, for the price, KHSS is really cool. Is LSS worth the extra money?

    LSS offers \"arco, marcato, martele, spiccato, sul tasto, ponticelli, ponticelli tremolo, half step and whole step trills, tremolo, pizzicato, ricochet, short, medium and long crescendos, harmonics, bartok (snap) pizzicato plus a huge assortment of FX per instrument.\" I would have to see a more complete list of articulations of KHSS to really make a decision. I\'m a real cello freak, and LSS has no demos of the cello.. but KHSS cello sounds beautiful.

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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    Getting a live player is not an option for me at this time.


    I do like the sound of KH solo strings very much.

    What\'s the deal with London strings? I don\'t hear much about them.

    I guess, for me, it comes down wanting a nice, basic, clean violin and cello for a more up front/haunting vibe.

    I\'m not, at this stage, looking to get into any 20+ CD\'s of solo strings set [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    PS. KIng, did the Hollywood patch go out?

    Next, I want to ask you guys about 5.1 and the booming world of LFE. That\'s where I am now.
    Mostly sound design for 5.1 and video/multimedia work.

    I\'ll ask in another post.


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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    MDesigner, yes... thank you. That\'s what I was trying to ask [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    well if you need it NOW

    if LSS is out, you\'ll prolly want to get that, all of KH isn\'t even finished yet.

    I really dont like the sound of any solo strings out I\'ve heard except DDSS, and that doesn\'t have any soft dynamics.

    None of the stuff I\'ve really commented on is from using anything but DDSS. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I dont know what would be better for you KH or LSS.

    I was jsut giving you some comments from my personal tastes on where I think the market is from what I\'ve heard in demos.

    Which I have ot say I\'m just kind of going... \"this is it?!, this is all people are offering?!\"

    I really hope some user demos change my mind on the current crop,...and I hope it doesn\'t turn into another \"puuurrrfect drums\" thing, where every demo I hear makes me go \"people like this library because......?\". In which case I\'ll probably end up buying the library based on the user opinions jsut to satisfy my own curiosity. Which might not turn out so bad since I\'ve been on the other side of that question with GOS, and I only really know what I like in that lib from actually using it, not demos)

    The updates should be shipping, be prepared to say \"this is it?! this is all he was raving about!?\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I dont want you guys to get your hopes up. I like it, but its not an end all group of patches. They\'re designed specifically for somethign I was after.

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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    The updates should be shipping, be prepared to say \"this is it?! this is all he was raving about!?\"

    LOL! I\'m sure they will rock. Of course, IM JUST GOING ON A DEMO but... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Hey, Mambo! Mambo Italiano... That\'s what\'s playing now... I need a break from myself [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    I still use AO like crazy. They work great for tight rock\'n\'roll quartet stuff, like Revolver. I mocked up the begining of Elenor Rigby. Which was a \"double string quartet\". (I doubled it with a mix of DD\'s and the existing KH strings). It was pretty convincing.

    DD\'s sound a million times better but not enough articulations and dynamics. They are very useful for adding to larger string sections.

    KH\'s aren\'t finished enough to make a call. But so far, the slides are very useful.

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    Re: Can of Worms? Solo Strings

    Do me fav? Could you load a DDSS patch in Giga and create an mp3 of a few notes playing slow and mournful?

    Pretty please?

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