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Topic: What means "licks" in samplers

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    What means "licks" in samplers


    In the \"Ethno World 2\" description you can find :

    \"Within almost 3 Gigabytes of sample material, you will find instrument sounds in a variety of playing styles, loops in different tempi, licks and a huge selection of special effects.\"

    What means \"licks\"

    Thank you,

    Mathieu Laprise
    Sonomax inc.

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    Re: What means "licks" in samplers

    Short phrases. Idiomatic little lines and gestures.


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    Re: What means "licks" in samplers

    In my opinion \"licks\" are best used in loop players, like ACID.

    The exceptions are trills, rolls, swells and other \"phrases\" that are really difficult to play naturally using MIDI.

    That said, it would be really cool if Giga 3.0 allowed time stretching and tempo setting. Then it could do loops alongside samples.

    Personally though, I\'ve found it pretty easy to render with Giga, open the piece in ACID and paint the loops there.

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    Re: What means "licks" in samplers

    Ive been having some serious fun mangleing licks in the \"loop editor\" in Kontakt and then speeding and slowing them down((Time Machine feature),even reversing(playing the sample backwards).Some very interesting effects... Rich

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