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Topic: "Afrodeeziak" - new slap bass demo...

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    "Afrodeeziak" - new slap bass demo...

    Moody slap bass demo from Patrick de Caumette at www.scarbee.com
    Funk-loving guitarist and composer Patrick de Caumette has just finsihed the moody slap bass demo: \"Afrodeeziak\" using his Scarbee J-Slap\'n Fingered for Halion. The bass is tight and cool with lot\'s of crispy details!
    He used the Roland GR33 to program the bass and rhodes and also played a Fender acoustic rhythm guitar.

    In this tune, Patrick also used Scarbee RSP73, Stylus from drums & percs, Culture for percs,
    Halion for nylon guitar, Westgate Woodwind Collection for flute and Absynth for pad & synth bass
    (in the B section)

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    Re: "Afrodeeziak" - new slap bass demo...

    Hey Thomas
    silky, smooth, and in the pocket!
    Not to say you didn\'t give that Frenchie guy a great bass to work with (all your demos sound really nice) but to Monsieur DeC.... Great stuff! That\'s my favorite piece of yours yet. Nice work Jersey boy!


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    Re: "Afrodeeziak" - new slap bass demo...

    Thanks Monsieur Christian from rainy Vancouver!

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    For this piece I took a Stylus groove in 4/4, changed the kit\'s pattern to a 3/4, changed the snare downbeats to upbeats (last 16th note of the beat)

    With the GR33, I recorded the bass track in one pass and edited the articulations afterward.
    I love the fact that you can use the mod. wheel to determine what string you play on. That feature really helps make the bass sound very realistic. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Another GR33 pass for the nylon guitar and the RSP73 rhodes to get the foundation of the tune down.

    Then I used my 4 fingers piano technique to add the percs (Stylus & Culture) et voila :
    an afro funk in 3/4 (with a touch of Brazil in the bridge) [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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