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Topic: GStudio Loves To Freeze Up

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    GStudio Loves To Freeze Up

    GigaStudio is constantly freezing on me. I\'ve got two PCs attached to a single Monitor, keyboard and mouse and I switch between with with an Aten KVM switch. Very often when I switch from my sequencing PC back to the Gigastudio PC it will have frozen and will require a reboot (turning off PC and waiting through blue-screen HD checks).

    I haven\'t figured out any pattern about when or why this happens. Sometimes does, sometimes doesn\'t. But happens often. Most infuriating.

    One time it did happen just after I hit a midi interface panic button because of a hanging note. Otherwise, there hasn\'t appeared to be any reasons whatsoever.

    could it be the KVM switch?

    Anybody having this problem?


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    Re: GStudio Loves To Freeze Up

    Yes , I have the same problem , but I think it might be related to overloading the midi which causes GS to crash . I have had a lot of problems with hanging notes and crashing even with a 850MHZ stand alone system. I have an oopcode translator and judging from other people\'s responses in this forum , it is causing a lot of problems . I am going out to buy a new midi interface to see if that resolves it.
    Good luck

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    Re: GStudio Loves To Freeze Up

    Some motherboards/BIOS won\'t re-initialize a keyboard or mouse correctly when it\'s been reconnected or are unable to detect a disconnected keyboard or mouse. GSt exacerbates this problem because the engine uses up most of the kernel level time slices and the keyboard or mouse Windows drivers can\'t properly communicate with the disconnected device ports because of timeouts.

    Your best solution would be to get another keyboard and mouse and just use the switchbox for your monitor.

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