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Topic: What determines polyphony?

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    What determines polyphony?

    I finally got Gigastudio to work for a few minutes without crashing!

    Anyway, I loaded up Gigapiano, and cranked Polyphony up to 160 in the Settings. With a P2-400, I know I can\'t expect full polyphony. I just wanted to see what I could get.

    I held the pedal down and glissed up and down. But it maxxes out at 64 voices. What\'s controlling this ceiling? It seemes like a very \"round\" number to be, so I assumed it\'s being controlled somewhere.

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    Re: What determines polyphony?

    Check out the discussion threads about Vcache that are on the forum now. The higher the setting, the more polyphony, but don\'t go above 25% of your RAM. You\'ll find the setting in the system.ini file.

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    Re: What determines polyphony?

    If you have a sequencer and GSt on one machine and have assigned an external MIDI In port to a Nemesys MIDI Out port, GSt will automatically limit each port to 64 voices. Go to your Settings|Hardware/Routing screen in GSt and set all MIDI In ports to none.

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    Re: What determines polyphony?

    I do have GSt and Cakewalk on the same machine, but all my MIDI IN ports are set to \"none\".

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    Re: What determines polyphony?


    I didn\'t want to respond because I am not sure how to fix your problem. But, when I installed Gigastudio I only got 64 voices. But there was something in the embedded helps or FAQ that told me what to do after I installed the first time. You had to do this one thing if you had Gigasampler on your computer before installing Gigastudio. Anyway, it fixed the problem immediately. I am sure someone out there knows what I am talking about and can help you. It is a first install fix.


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    Re: What determines polyphony?


    I found it by clicking on the help question mark and then clicking on voices on the navigation bar. You click on settings and sampler and change it to 160 voices.


    Sorry Mitch. I see that you did that. Well, it worked for me.


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    Re: What determines polyphony?


    My polyphony slider is already set to 160, but I\'m not getting more than 64 voices.


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    Re: What determines polyphony?

    How much RAM do you have installed on your computer? Are you getting more polyphony if you install a smaller gig? What reading does Gigastudio give in the memory window?

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    Re: What determines polyphony?

    Okay, try this then: split four CW tracks among Nemesys MIDI Out port 1-4 and test for polyphony by playing back a midifile on the four tracks. If each port is being limited to 64 voices (as I suspect it is), this should go past that. It would also means there\'s a configuration problem somewhere that\'s capping out each port at 64 voices.

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    Re: What determines polyphony?

    I\'ll be very interested in the results of these experiments, since my first install of GSt had a similar problem - it *would not* go above 64 voices, no matter what. (I was only using Port 1, so I don\'t know what difference that would have made.) The only way I was able to \"solve\" it was to do, in effect, a fresh Win98 install - then I could get over 64 voices. I didn\'t see anybody else having a similar problem until now. When I get back from vacation I\'ll see if I can get more voices on the original config using additional ports.


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