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Topic: OT: Change in music technology

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    OT: Change in music technology

    Hi all,

    I`m in Tokyo at the moment (my wife is Japanese) on holiday, and as usual I`ve been to the local music tech store where I have spent a serious amount of money over the years!

    Anyway, I was here in the summer of 2001 and I cannot believe the difference in the equipment on display. Maybe one third of the amount of keyboards/modules on display and only ONE `real` mixer (small Behringer!!). I was looking to possibly go back to Yamaha with their new 02R 96, having gone from the original 02R to a Mackie d8b. I was hoping to try it out! No chance!!

    It`s all PCs, Macs, virtual hardware mixers and plug-ins! This is obviously the shape of things to come.

    One good thing though. I`m typing this on a Toshiba Dynabook laptop, 1.8 GHz, 15\" `shiny` monitor, DVD re-writer (YES, DVD re-writer!), Blue-tooth, Win XP, Office XP etc. Cost... 800 Stirling (approx $1200). It doesn`t even exist in the UK yet, but the equivalent without DVD writer is at least 50% more! It`s for the wife and kids of course (until I dual-boot it with an English version of XP!)

    Just thought I`d let you know.


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    Re: OT: Change in music technology

    I\'m in Taiwan and I don\'t think I could even get that good of a deal on a laptop with those specs.

    Do you know if digital projectors (say 1500-2000ANSI)are also cheap there?

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    Re: OT: Change in music technology

    No idea Marty,

    I`ll have a look sometime this week and let you know.


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