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Topic: Realsamples

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    Has anyone bought sampling CD\'s from http://www.realsamples.de. Are they good?

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    Re: Realsamples

    Geez, take the violin....2.7GB at 24bit and the 4CDs are priced at 29.95 Euro !? Something doesn\'t smell right here...Definetly...

    I don\'t know them and I don\'T want to accuse them but I have a bad feeling that something might not be right here


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    Re: Realsamples

    32 velocities? Who does better?

    Somebody should buy it and let us know.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Realsamples

    Well, I don\'t need it. I got someone to play me a violin line [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] But I wouldn\'t mind hearing a comment about it. The mp3 doesn\'t show anything

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    Re: Realsamples

    Well I emailed them about this and they wrote back:

    \"Hello Edward,

    thanks very much for your interest!

    The pricing is our company\'s philosophy:
    We are a small sample CD manufacturer located in Germany and offer our CDs via direct distribution, which means you won\'t have to pay for additional distribution profits.

    On the other hand, we think that sample CDs are too expensive in general:

    Some manufacturers claim that they have to ask high prices for their sample CDs in order to balance what they lose through pirated copies.
    Our concept is that by having a fair pricing policy, we can positively encourage people to buy the CDs instead of copying them.
    There\'s also a personal experience I made myself that went into our concept: When I bought a sample CD, it sometimes happened that I had not much use for some of its sounds or even had no use for the CD in general.
    Considering prices of more than 200 $ for a single sample CD, you can imagine that I thought twice about which sample CD to get, because I wanted to avoid buying one which I didn\'t really like in the end.

    We figured that people would buy sample CDs more easily and would start to try out different things again, if they don\'t have to pay 200 $ per CD.

    Hope this helps :-)

    Best regards from Germany,

    Nicolay / Realsamples

    http://www.sampling-cds.com \"

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    Re: Realsamples

    If you look at the feetback of them at EBAY, it\'s all possitive.

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    Re: Realsamples

    Well, I might try one of those E-Guitar Discs... Let\'s see if it\'s worth 30EUR...

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    Re: Realsamples

    The site\'s mp3\'s of the violins and the guitars sound good to me. The only problem with the strings seems to be that only down bows are provided, making realism a problem. But for 29 EU, these are amazing.

    Wish they had a piano. And an acoustic guitar.

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    Re: Realsamples

    We are all a bunch of ASSES and we don\'t deserve anything good to come to us!!!

    Whenever a new sample developer tries to offer a good product at a reasonable price, we are always trying to find something wrong with it!

    Meanwhile, many developers who charge tons of $$$, continue to sell sub-par products that are poorly recorded, poorly edited, and not very usable.

    But we buy them like hotcakes....why? Because they are EXPENSIVE, they MUST be good!!!!

    What a bunch of ASSES we are!!!

    I say let\'s support more of these guys, they are the ones who are really doing it for the sake of music, and are willing to put art in front of profit.

    Stop being an *** and start supporting guys like:




    And many many others who deserve our business and loyalty.

    Besides, you will have a more unique sound to your production while the rest of the world sounds identical thanks to the latest QLVSTOEIHDSO!!!

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    Re: Realsamples

    Because it\'s probably a group of college guys with very little if no overhead.

    The sample libraries that they sell are relatively easy to sample since they are generally solo instruments. This makes it easy to mike, perform and record.

    I think that 4 CD\'s and packaging probably costs them less than $10, at $30 they\'re making a 300% profit, not too shabby if you ask me. I know that if you factor in their recording costs, editing time and programming the net profit gets a lot lower, but it works out for them.

    I really don\'t think they\'re re-packaging copyrighted samples, I\'m sure the big boys would be onto them like wolves on a sausage.......mmmm, sausage!

    My order is in for the solo violin, I\'ll let you all know how it goes!

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