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Topic: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

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    GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    Hi Gang,

    I was upgrading from GSampler to GStudio, so I un-installed GSampler for starts.

    Installing GStudio seemed to go fine EXCEPT when I had to re-boot after the install (seemed logical) ... BUT, when my system was just getting ready to put the desk icons up, I got an error message, a \"MSGSRV32\" error. When I looked at the details, it pointed to \"MMSYSTEM.DLL\".

    I had to re-boot in SAFE mode and use my \'REMOVE-IT\' program to un-install GStudio.

    My music store buddy and I tried to install it again, but had the same problem.

    What could be wrong???

    This is NOT being installed on a virgin system (no can do) but I did have GSampler running before with no problem ... since then I\'ve put GSampler back on (with no problem).

    Anyway, if anyone has an idea or suggestion, please offer it.

    Thanks GANG!!!!



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    Re: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    I have encountered a similar problem, but I am getting a VMM.VXD error message (similar unintelligible message). I finally gave up after a few days of wasted time and after much effort, got Gigasampler back working again. I am waiting for Windows ME to get a new system so that I can get Gigastudio to work.

    Tom Leich

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    Re: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    This works for me, but I don\'t know if it\'s gonna work for you.

    My GSt crashes randomly (after from 15 minutes to 8 hours of use). Everytime it crashes I got this error message with MSG32. When I reboot the system I still got an error message with longer file name. What I do is to click on the \"ignore\" button and let everything be loaded. Then I reboot again. This time, no error message.

    If I don\'t reboot for the second time and insist to start the GSt, I got another error message - this one doesn\'t cause a crash - that something is wrong and the GSt won\'t be functional. But if I reboot again it\'s ok.

    God Bless the Giga Users

    Deep White

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    Re: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    By the way, when you see the error message after the 1st reboot, remember to click on the \"ignore\" button twice. And wait longer. It takes some time for Windows 98 to ignore the error and starts loading everything else.

    Deep White

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    Re: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    Hi GANG!

    Thanks for the replys.... BUT

    When I got the MSGSRV32 error message, there was NO ignore choice ... only one choice was given .... an \'OK\'.

    When I clicked on \'OK\', the computer just \'sat\' there and did nothing further. It never continued to display the screen icons ... it just plain sat there and did nothing.

    The only thing I could think to do was force a re-start, and boot up again.

    Again, same error message and choice with still nothing. So, I eventually had to re-start up in safe-mode so I could remove GStudio.

    Still hoping there\'s an answer



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    Re: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    Same problems here. I got also crashes during boot (the thing with the ignore button). After rebooting once again everything works fine. And also the MSG32 crashes which seem to happen with special GIG files. Please fix this soon!!!!

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    Re: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    I had this problem with
    crashes in MSGSRV32.DLL as well and found out that the Codec part of my TerraTec EWS64 XL caused this problem. Disabling the Codec (in the Device manager) solved the problem.

    The Codec drivers use some of the \"Conexant WaveStream\" files that are installed with GigaStudio. However, the drivers only work with the old version.
    So this crash will probably occur with all sound cards that have the Crystal CS4232 onboard.

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    Re: GigaStudio - crashes after re-boot - help

    Do any of you have another program like Acid on your system?

    PaPa Chalk

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