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Topic: OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

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    Re: OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

    Never fear... There is a Vst to AU adapter available


    and here

    I personally haven\'t used either but others have had good results.


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    Re: OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

    Hey J
    Join my \"waiting for a lot of AU\'s club\" I\'ll waive the initiation fee as you are a Northern member but yearly dues are $999 , just about about the cost of buying a unit of ewql... hmmmm.... interesting, no?

    Melodyne? I don\'t know if it does exactly what you need , but man o man, is it a wicked piece of software. If you haven\'t already go and listen to the demos. Unbelievable.


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    Re: OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

    As long as the VST\'s are OS X compatible the VST to AU Adapter by FXpansion works great. I have all the ones I need running on X in Logic 6.2.1 including PSP Vintage Warmer (don\'t pass this one up.) and the Blue Tubes by Nomad Factory.
    Angus is a great guy and updates often to snag VST\'s that might not work. And he is working on a VSTi Rewire host to run VSTi synths with Pro Tools,

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    OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

    I\'m finally trying to make my upgrade to OSX. Does logic not support VST plugs in OSX? What do I do about Auto tune!!!! Help! Some of my singers can\'t sing without it!!!

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    Re: OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

    You might write to Angus about that. There is a new Beta version that I have been testing and he is updating that with some regularity. It may be something he needs to know about.

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    Re: OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

    Well I got the FXpansion wrapper. $75, not toooooo bad, except I can\'t get absynth to work right. errrrrr. Hopefulyl NI will have the AU version out soon. Thanks for the input.


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    Re: OT: Logic 6 - OSX - VST

    I just got a notice there is a new Beta 4 version as of today.
    You might want to give that one a try.

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