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Topic: Official DIVA Demo

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    Official DIVA Demo

    Hello everyone,

    I\'d like to direct your attention to the new DIVA Classical Female Soloists library from Bela D Media, for which I had the opportunity to compose a demo.

    In the short period of time I\'ve spent with DIVA, I\'ve found it to be an incredibly useful and musical library, instantly playable and with the inclusion of both close and far mic patches, DIVA sounds terrific, fitting into any musical context.

    Although there have been a small number of solo female voices included with other libraries in the past, nothing comes close to the sheer number of choices DIVA provides, allowing the composer to realistically create textures both light and dark in any kind of music.

    DIVA was created with the composer in mind as becomes apparant when auditioning the library. You\'ll not find useless \"whizz-bang\" patches or strange effects that cannot easily be used. Everything is useful, musical and since the voices were captured so well, sonically consistent.

    The icing on the cake is the small $150 price tag which when you consider the powerhouse library you\'re purchasing, it\'s an obvious must buy.

    You can listen to the demo and get more information here:


    Kaveh Cohen

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    Very nice Kaveh,

    As developers and USERS (composers) of these types of libraries we can appreciate that.

    We just bought that library a few days ago - can\'t wait to give it go.

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    I like the composition quite a bit, and I also would like to know what other libraries you used in it.

    However, the Diva samples sound just like what they are, essentially phrases that were sung to something else and placed against the piece at random so that some parts fit well, and others don\'t really.

    Sorry to sound so critical, but the demo really hasn\'t sold me on the DIVA CD (but it has sold me on the strings and some of the brass).

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    Nice Kaveh

    Couldn\'t agree more with your comments about this library. Like many others here I\'ve been searching for a library like this for ages. For the last few years whenever I\'ve needed this beautiful / ethereal / haunting solo vocal sound I\'ve been having to resort to ... hope you\'re sitting down... a REAL soprano! (Hi Dawn..Amazing voice!!)... but now I can phone her a lot less often (Sorry Dawn!).. and get the same results!

    Compared to the SOV soprano (which has been used everywhere!)this is worlds apart... so much more variation and realism... and the phrases?..laid out in a way that makes it easy to use two or three notes as part of your own tunes rather than
    just \"playing by numbers\"!

    As for Kaveh\'s piece.. I can\'t hear any \"random\" use of phrases.... I\'ve got the library... those \"random\" phrases aren\'t in there in the way Kaveh\'s used them.. and are they \"random\" just because they don\'t fall into a nice diatonic scale?.... Hat\'s off to you Kaveh.. keep pushing it!

    Anyway... get this in perspective... $149 gets me one session with Dawn (!)..... OR this library
    ... No contest! (although Dawn is a lot nicer to look at!)

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    To answer Midphases\' query, the DIVA demo consisted of both the recorded phrases and the sustained vowel patches, including the crescendo/diminuendo programs in the library. All the sustained patch lines in the demo were played manually. They are particularly apparant in the second half of the demo. The pre-recorded phrases are only used in the opening sections of the piece, prior to the orchestra crescendo. My decision to use these was artistic since they \"spoke\" lines that were impossible to replicate.

    The libraries used in the piece include the Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings, ProjectSAM French Horns, Project SAM Trombones, GTown Percussion and the Prosonus Prepared Piano among others.

    Kaveh Cohen

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    I couldn\'t agree more... Nice work Kaveh. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Well, now that I don\'t have the full Diva yet (hey, did someone kill the postman!?) I got 3 samples upfront for some gig and everything I can tell is that even the fact there might be phrases on the set those 3 multisamples I got really kick *** and you can play just whatever you want. Believe me on this midphase... ! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Compare with all the other demos... Do the melodies sound that similar? - wouldn\'t say so.

    If you want a solo soprano and don\'t have her as a girlfriend/wife I think this would be the best way to get one... Com\'on, the discs are cheap anyway for what quality lies beneath [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    Very effective piece in its genre. The voice sits well and is very realistic.
    However, not a piece I would listen to whilst sipping my mug of hot chocolate before retiring.

    I look forward to hearing the jolly jenres.

    Well done Francis and Kaveh


    If you don\'t know what your talking about...say it anyway.

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    As soon as the discs are here, I\'ll take a closer look and give my opinion about it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    Great demo, Kaveh! Personally, I don\'t care for jolly music as listening material, I like depth and drama (nothing personal, Hardy, I grew up with Coltrane and Stravinsky...)


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo

    wow, gorgeous demo! But I must say, this is some of the best ads for a product I\'ve seen yet! Good marketing people!

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