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Topic: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

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    Re: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    Well, I got something much more instresting here.

    I\'m using GSt along with my old gear (JV-2080 & Trinity). There are times when the system hangs, there is no sound at all; but when I restart the computer, as it enters windows desktop and with everything loaded, JV-2080 produces some notes that simply hang there. Weird, huh? Notes start right after entering the system and then hang there.

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    Re: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    Hehe I have an XP-50 and has that too. But that\'s just my ISDN Eicon Diva init that seems to scan both my COM ports thus sending something weird to my MIDI-interface. However I can stop the notes by doing a panic..

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    Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    Setting the VCACHE has increases the number of voices I can get, BUT I tend to get hanging MIDI notes when GS is processing complex arrangements which push GS to the limit. I\'ve now set Cubase to RESET ON STOP which helps so I don\'t have hanging notes when I stop but I still have some \'leftover\' notes hanging when playing complex passages. Sometimes it freaks GS so much that it won\'t play or plays wrong samples the next time I play. Then I found out that doing a RESET on Mixer+Hardware solves that problem so I don\'t have to restart GStudio. But.... is this a bug or is my system just too busy so Giga can\'t keep up with the MIDI data and therefore misses some note-offs and such?
    I have a P3-667 Mhz, 320MB ram and fast ATA-66 and SCSI HD\'s. I use Opcode Translator printer-port MIDI interface as well as Winman 2x2 (but I only use 32 MIDI channels in the current example).


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    Re: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    I had a very similar problem with yours sometime ago (during the days when I was using Opcode Translator) - MIDI notes hang without warning. I wasn\'t even using CPU intensive programs (just Cakewalk and my JV 1080). I gave up waiting for an updated driver from Opcode and got a MOTU Flyer. The hanging stops and my latency improved dramatically.
    I may be wrong but the problem could be the Translator.

    [This message has been edited by Cheez (edited 07-09-2000).]

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    Re: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    OK thanks. I have a Unitor8 for my MIDI/Sequencer computer and a Translator and Winman 2x2 for the other. I had no problems with the Translator with Gigasampler, but I\'ll try changing so I use the Winman 2x2 32 MIDI ch\'s before I use the Translator ones.


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    Re: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    I\'m having terrible problems with midi hangs and also situations where GigaStudio simply shuts down and puts out what sounds like a repeating loop of random sounds. It goes away after awhile. But it\'s a nuisance.

    I\'m using Giga on a 2nd PC with Wavecenter. An earlier, more prounced version of this random sound issue (more of a wild random stream of notes rather than a repeating loop of sound) was apparently caused by the Wavecenter\'s midi-in.(Frontier put out a patch for its driver for use with Giga -- see website). However, the above -described problems remain on my system, and Frontier says their patch has fixed things for other users.

    I\'m currently using emagic AMT8 out of PC1, and for PC2 the Wavecenter\'s 2 ports plus Opcode PC translater II for the Gigastudio\'s 4 midi inports.

    I\'m now wondering whether it\'s the Opcode or the AMT8. But note that I\'ve never had a single problem with my JV2080, which has been fed copiously by both the opcode and the AMT8.

    I suspect it\'s a remaining Wavecenter glitch or a GigaStudio bug.


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    Re: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    I changed my setup on the Giga-machine. Now I use Winman 2x2 as my main MIDI input and it seems to have cured the problem. So I think the Translator might have some problems with intensive MIDI feeds on both inputs.
    The AMT and Unitor are so cool that they couldn\'t in my wildest dreams be the source of the problem

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    Re: Hanging notes/MIDI trouble?

    I´ve got a SB AWE64 Gold and I use Encore as a sequencer.

    Since Gigastudio I get hanging notes too and the panic-button does not help. I didn´t have this with the Gigasampler.
    Nemesys told me to deactivate the AWE-Synth´s, but that doesn´t help either.

    There is some problem here with GSt. I hope Nemesys will do something here.

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