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Topic: 1.0 .gigs "disappeared"

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    1.0 .gigs \"disappeared\"

    Has anyone else experienced this: After editing a 1.0 .gig file in the GS 2.0 editor, remaining 1.0 files in the same directory on the disk no longer appear in the GS file window. I can drag and drop them from Windows Explorer but not from within Gigastudio.

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    Re: 1.0 .gigs \"disappeared\"

    I also got the \"renaming instrument\" problem. Besides, I got some mono samples which are treated as stereo ones by the editor, and it just panned them to the left (pan=0). That happens when I try to convert the 1.0 gig files to 2.0.

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    Re: 1.0 .gigs \"disappeared\"

    Nope I didn\'t. However I experience that 1.0 files taken into the editor generally gets screwed up names. GS adds a couple of \'random\' charachters to the filename (or rather to the instrument name). This also seem to happen to some samples in the instrument, but only with AKAI converted instruments I think. Really odd. Seems the editor don\'t know when the name ends and starts on different entries in the instrument.

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    Re: 1.0 .gigs \"disappeared\"


    I have the same problem. Can´t see 1.0 Files among some others in GSt´s File Window!


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