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Topic: Keeping my reviews legal

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    Keeping my reviews legal

    I have a small concern about my reviews (I\'m starting my SAM Horns review tonight, as I write this). I want to provide MP3 samples of as many articulations as possible. And if I do this, I think that users would want to hear them dry, and without being mixed in with other instruments.

    This presents a problem. It has to do with the license agreement that states that you may not present samples isolated, on their own. So I\'m trying to think of something that would work. People want to hear the samples dry, they want to hear how long it can sustain before it stops. But for me to hit a C# and hold it till it stops naturally, with NO reverb, and offer that as a 128Kbps 16-bit 44.1KHz stereo MP3.. well, that is a serious legal problem I would say.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Keeping my reviews legal

    Maybe I\'ve misspoken. I\'m not hitting a note and holding it, and that\'s it. I\'m just cranking out a melody (if you could call it that) using the particular articulation. I suppose I\'ll forget about demonstrating the length of the sample, then, and just focus on the sound of it and how it plays.

    I\'ll simply have to skip the articulations of SAM Horns such as the cluster FX, because those could very easily be ripped out and used.

    I could have a drum track playing behind all this, with heavy reverb on the drums. That way it would provide a sort of \"blanket\" behind the instruments playing, and it would be nearly impossible to isolate the sample I\'m reviewing.

    As to why I\'m doing this: I want to give users a completely comprehensive look inside the samples I review. I wrote a script to analyze my .gig files and write out a list of all articulations. Users might wonder what some of these sound like. I can play the sounds and dump to mp3 to provide an example of what the sounds can do.

    I really want to go forward with this. If anyone has any ideas, please post them here. I\'m thinking of either doing the drum track idea, or just adding reverb to the sounds.. but I don\'t know if that would be enough.

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    Re: Keeping my reviews legal

    Thanks. I\'ll run the review by Maarten before it\'s made public to get his impressions of it.

    EDIT: you\'re right, it depends on the sample developer [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] OK, for ProjectSAM libraries, I\'ll just link to their demo since it\'s already pretty comprehensive. But I\'ve been granted the right to compose clips that illustrate plusses or minuses in the library, to convey my points.

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