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Topic: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

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    Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    I\'ll be purchasing some more gigamachines in the near future, but I don\'t want to buy a 400 dollar soundcard for each one (Gina cost that much). I bought the waveterminal 192m for my second computer, but there was a slight bit of hiss and noise. The Gina though has practically no hiss - so I guess you get what you pay for.

    I\'m looking for a souncard that is gigacompatible that has only a left and right quarter inch analog outs. Also, I\'d like this soundcard to have the same noisefloor as Gina, which is near none.

    Also, this guy gave me an idea to purchase one of those 400 dollar Dell computers and just upgrade them accordingly. Does this sound sufficient? Whats the cheapest route (besides building my own) to buying a dedicated gigamachine?

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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.


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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    Definitely the Echo Mia or Mia Midi. Rock solid drivers and great sound. We have 4 of them here at work.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    Aaron... check out the Echo MIA soundcard.

    [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Gary

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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    The M-Audio Revolution and the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz have killer specs and sound outstanding. I think the M-Audio is probably GSIF compat (My Delta 1010 is), but you can check first. The Santa Cruz is GSIF compat. 4 stereo pairs via mini jacks, but I have not found that to be a problem. Use good shielded cable. Both are good for slave machines.
    Something with 1/4 inch plugs is going to be over $200. Echo Mia can be close to $200, also excellent.

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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    Originally posted by dwdonehoo:
    The M-Audio Revolution and the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz have killer specs and sound outstanding. I think the M-Audio is probably GSIF compat
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The Revolution does not have GSIF drivers. The lowest priced M-Audio card that does is the Delta 2496.

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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    I find the posting regarding the Echo Miamidi very interesting. I can\'t get the S/PDIF output of the Audiophile 2496 to work. I will say the analog out sounds great. M-Audio even replaced the card under warranty and on the new one S/PDIF still doesn\'t work. So who\'s using digital outs on the Echo Miamidi and do they work?

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    for my humble 2 comp set up yes the spdif cables work on the echo mia midi. I had more problems with the M audio spdif transfer so I use that card still but it\'s more of a multimedia type card for my gaming and dvd watching.

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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.

    Aaron, as far as Dell goes - I have an older one here in my studio that I got from my day gig. I can\'t use it for Giga because it\'s not mine, but it is far and away the quietest of my machines.


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    Re: Cheap soundcard...HELP ME.


    Have you really given it a good, long hard thought about going with analog compared to 8 channel lightpipe? I ALMOST went the route you did, and decided against it in the end. If you have lightpipe already, get another machine with lightpipe. Least you\'ll know it\'s clean, and 8 channels. I\'m using the Wavecenter PCI by Frontier Designs. Clean, GSIF drivers, works great, AND I have 8 channels if I need \'em. Better to spend a few more dollars now, than to kick yourself in the rump later for not going that direction. Glad I did.


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