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Topic: 24/192 ?

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    24/192 ?

    Why is it that pro cards are still 24-bit, 96 kHz, yet DVD-A has been available now for well over a year in sub-$200 consumer products?

    When will 24/192 pro cards hit the market? (The Creative consumer card doesn\'t count.)

    Why is it that DVD burners have been out for a long while, and are available at well under $200, yet software for burning DVD-A is hard to find and still really expensive?

    When 24/192 soundcards and DVD-A burning software are available, will we use it for masters? For distribution? For other uses?

    When 24/192 soundcards and DVD-A burning software are available, will we start moving to surround mixes?

    Will Giga 3.0 and the next generation of samplers are released, will they support 24/192?

    Will sample libraries be released in 24/192? When?

    Will Giga 3.0 have native surround support?

    Will sample libraries be released in surround format?

    Have I asked too many questions? :-)

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    Re: 24/192 ?

    Wouldn\'t it be cool to have a sub-$1000 speaker setup that reproduces 24/96 accurately when the sub-$200 24/192 soundcards hit the market?


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    Re: 24/192 ?

    Heck, I\'d like to have a sub $1k speaker system that reproduces 16/44 accurately, i.e. down to 20 Hz with near instant transients :-)

    IMHO, the advantage of 24-bits and a high sampling rate is that the phase accuracy creates really vivid images - even with relatively cheap speakers. I\'ve heard this first hand...

    Case 1: I own Yes Fragile on CD (the latest re-master) and DVD-A, and the CD image is really dead compared to the DVD-A.

    Case 2: I\'ve done some of my own music on Giga and rendered to 24-bits. I then dithered to 16-bits, and the image seems to go dark.

    This is all in stereo.

    A sub-$1k speaker system with surround that compliments 24/96/192, now that\'d be a steal!

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    Re: 24/192 ?

    Wow Jon... that\'s a lotta questions! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Gary

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    Re: 24/192 ?

    I\'ll summarize...

    Wouldn\'t it be cool to be have 24/192 soundcards and DVD-A burning/playing software with a compatible sampler and libraries?

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    Re: 24/192 ?


    The new Firewire 410 from M-Audio is 24/192.

    -- Martin

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    Re: 24/192 ?

    And I\'ve been told that Egosys has some 192 solutions as well. Very cool.

    Now, about that inexpensive DVD-A burning/playing software?...

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    Re: 24/192 ?

    Hi Jon,

    Whatever is on the shelf needs to be unloaded whether it holds back technologu or not. This is an industry that thrives on sequences. So we have a 3.2 ghz INTEL CPU...Do you really think a 4 gig CPU is waiting back stage? I do! We are all subject to the flow of technologial products as they come available when the old ones are put to rest. Also, our older dollars end up in the coffin too. Why pay a utility company for electric when you have the sun.

    I\'m really looking to use my QLEWSO but this treasure will have to wait until a better Faster CPU, cheaper RAM drop in price. The motherboards are priced just fine but to be subject myself to 512 mb DDR chips to be placed in 4 sockets giving me 2 gigs, yearns me to wait for the Gig sticks where I can really dig on 4 gigs of great ram.
    One day we will not need so many computers to compose and arrange using samples..We are not that far away IMHO..

    I have the patience and I\'ll use what I have in my sound arsenal..

    Nice hearing from you Jon..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: 24/192 ?

    ummmm, i have a MOTU HD196 ... of course it is 192khz. And it sounds fabulous!!

    And there are a few solutions for producing DVD-A. I use SurCode MPL.

    And \'yes\'! Fragile sounds great!!! DVD-A and SACD turned me back into a music buyer!!

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    Re: 24/192 ?

    Originally posted by SWL:
    I use SurCode MPL.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">And it only costs $2495. Ouch! If I had that kinda budget, I\'d have VSL already.

    Thanks for the tip anyway. I\'m sure the solution prices will start dropping soon.

    -Jon \"home studio that makes no money\" Fairhurst

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