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Topic: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

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    SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    Am I correct in saying that these programs do essentially the same thing, except that Altiverb comes equipped with amazing spaces; whereas SIR 086, being freeware, comes with mediocre shareware??? OR is Altiverb an altogether more powerfull and much better sounding program, quite apart from the quality of its impules?


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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    I don\'t have Altiverb, but I don\'t think it has nearly a much latency as SIR does. I think there are some reasonably good free impulses.. the lexicon pcm 90 ones at noisevault.com are quite excellent.

    I purchased the program \"Impulse Modeler\", which allows one to generate high quality impulses(although it is a bit geeky to use). Note that it is important( to my ear) to make the highs dropoff more than they do in the factory preset environment materials.

    I\'ve been comparing several other reverbs side by side with SIR in a cathedral style environment. I\'ve not been able to get the natural sounding tails that SIR can produce with any other reverb yet. It also feels as if SIR can take more reverb without smearing moving lines.( it could be that I just have not found the right parameter settings for the other reverbs, however ).

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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    SIR\'s latency spoils all the fun.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    I find SIR a valuable tool. The Ernest Cholakis impulse in the GOS update provides a rich detailed ambience. I use Cakewalk FX3 to give each instrument a place and SIR to provide an overall reverb. When used on the master buss during mixing the latency is a nonissue (only vocalists really need reverb while tracking). Beside when tracking you want to hear the details not reverb tails.

    In any case to answer the original question SIR sounds incredible with good impulses. I\'d like to find more. I\'ve been to the noisevault site. Does anyone know of other places to find quality convolution files in .wav format?

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    Originally posted by Duncan Brinsmead:
    I don\'t have Altiverb, but I don\'t think it has nearly a much latency as SIR does
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Altiverb doesn\'t have _any_ latency at all. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    OK mea culpa. Mea Culpa. But how does latency affect the quality of the verb?

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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    Latency is a non issue with Nuendo 2, Samplitude, SX 2 ...etc

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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    So Ernest Cholakis\' impulses, and altiverb\'s as well will run just fine on SIR? And latency is only an issue if you are doing stuff in realtime? Not an issue if you\'re adding effects to a prerecorded wave file?


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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    Originally posted by P de Caumette:
    Latency is a non issue with Nuendo 2, Samplitude, SX 2 ...etc
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">That\'s not quite true. Latency will still be there. It will just be compensated for automatically so that all audio + VSTi tracks stay in sync. If a plugin requires a buffer 100 times the ASIO buffer, you will still have that big a latency when playing realtime with a VSTi for example. When played back, it will be compensated for, so that all tracks play in sync.

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    Re: SIR 086 vs ALTIVERB

    While we\'re on the subject, I have a couple questions about Altiverb. For example, if I was to use it as my main reverb in Digital Performer. How would that work exactly. Can I hear it in realtime or do I need to record all my midi stuff to audio, and THEN apply the reverb in order to hear it?

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