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Topic: VSampler3 + Sonar3

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    VSampler3 + Sonar3

    I\'m kind of intriged by what I\'ve read about the VSampler3 that\'s suposed to come with the high end Sonar3 release. Anyone use the current version? I get the impression Chicken Systems thinks mighty highly of it. It also sounds like there\'s some aggressive library support being recruited for the beta over at http://www.vsampler3.com


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    Re: VSampler3 + Sonar3

    Sonar 3 and VSampler 3 and Gigastudio 3, oh my!
    Sonar 3 and VSampler 3 and Gigastudio 3, oh my!

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    Re: VSampler3 + Sonar3

    I know nothing about Sonar, but I\'ve owned VSampler for about two years. It has, by far, the best interface of all the softsamplers: uses tabs so you can see all of the paramters without having to scroll up and down. Good filters, good mapping of Akai sample sets. Good direct-from-disk playing. Plays as a VSTI or as a standalone.

    Unfortunately, like all the competitors to Giga, it has to extract the samples from gig files and store them on your hard drive, so playing Gig files with it eats up a lot of hard disk space.

    Otherwise, it\'s great. The final release is due out in the next two months. You can download the latest demo release candidate at the VSampler3.de site.

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    Re: VSampler3 + Sonar3

    Yeah, as Jake Johnson said VSampler is good but if you wanna use it as GIGA studio, you are wrong, you will need a lot or ram even more ram than Kontakt so the only reason to use VSampler (at least version 2.x) is for samples like Kurzeil, SF2 and all those small ones, but I hope that version 3 can load it as good as Gigastudio does but probably I\'m just dreaming.

    Hey Jake Johnson I used to live in GA, in Gwyneth closer to the exit 101 in the I.S. 95, nice city.

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    Re: VSampler3 + Sonar3


    I live closer in, near Chandler Park, to avoid the traffic. Still bad here if you get caught on the wrong freeway at the wrong time.

    I recently discovered another advantage to VSampler--it imports Akai sounds directly into RAM from an Akai CD, so you can audition them and tweak them without having to copy all the samples to your hard disk. (Kontakt forces you to copy all the samples to the hard disk, and then creates an NKI file as a map. In VSampler, you do have to save the samples to disk if you want to save your edits to the intrument, but if you want to just knock in a lowpass filter, extend the decay, and play, there\'s no reason to.

    The only bad thing, again, is that in the next release of VSampler, like in all the other softsamplers, the conversion process extracts the samples from Giga files, eating up a lot of hard disk memory. Let us know if you download the demo and give it a try.

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