I\'ve been trying to convert RealGiga Drums into Kontakt format. So far, so good, except for one thing.

In Drum Kit 3 and 4, for instance, the hi hats don\'t cut off the open hat. So I went to the Native site and did the tutuorial that shows how to do this. Choose all the hats, move to new blank group, assign a voice group to it with OLDEST chosen, voila. Simple.

Now it works, but I noticed that SOME of the hat samples...closed ones I believe...are now always loud...they have no varying velocities. So I figured, OK, maybe I didn\'t choose everything.

I went back to the keymap to do it again, and this time, after choosing the sample just above the piano key, I scrolled upward, and kept selecting the higher velocities as well. Problem is, on some of the samples, even though you can SEE the higher velocity \"bars\" ascending, you can\'t select them. They don\'t turn a bright color, they stay dim, as if behind a screen or something.

Is this a translation problem or am I doing something dumb?

Thanks for any help. I really need these drums working....