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Topic: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

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    SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    Comments anyone? I plan to get one of the two within a month.

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    I only have Scarbee\'s but I have heard some of Nick\'s demos.

    Scarbee bass is amazing, the way everything is laid out, choosing what string you\'re gonna play on, the articulations and the choice of mikes make Scarbee bass the ultimate Fender Jazz bass library.
    Sharmy said it, if programmed right there is no way you can tell it from a real player.
    You can use it for funk, rock, fusion, blues... any styles where the Jazz bass is confortable.

    For a harder type of bass, Nick\'s is probably the way to go...

    Look out for a Scarbee Slap demo coming up this weekend... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    If you\'re looking at basses, don\'t overlook Dan Dean. Incredibly realistic Fender Precision and Jazz.

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    Why aren\'t you considering Trilogy?

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    Trilogy is amazing as well.

    Especially if you want a bass module that does everything:
    synth bass, acoustic bass and electric.
    Nothing touches it in that regard.

    If you want to concentrate on electric bass, Scarbee is the ticket.

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    Agree that amp sound is really important for rock tracks.

    Trilogy\'s basses are mostly DI\'ed and work really well with amp simulators like the Amplitube plug-in. This approach gives you a lot of tonal flexibility. You can hear this sound on some of our demo songs.

    The HCB material is a sampled \"real amp\", so it sounds great for rock applications straight away, since the authentic amp sound is locked into the recordings.

    Different ways to approach that type of rock bass approach...both valid and sound very good. Just depends of your needs.



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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    One thing that hasn\'t been mentioned that is incredibly important is the question of whether the library is d.i samples or captured through a bass rig and mic\'d. This makes an enormous difference in the sound and the attacks. Some people prefer d.i., some, the sound of an amp, many engineers mix the two. Scarbees basses and Eric\'s Trilogy are both amazing libraries, so I would have never bothered to put out a bass library, if I didn\'t feel the need. Scarbee\'s are direct, I believe and Trilogy has the ability to mix between d.i. and amped on atleast some of the patches. But, both libraries have a very clean d.i. sound and all the other bass libraries ever put out are d.i. as well. Anyone who has mixed real rock tracks will instantly notice something about Hardcore bass that is missing from every other bass library, and it is also evident on the softer velocities and mellow patches as well. It has to do with the bloom of the attacks, the balance of the frequencies (from the lowest to the highest notes) and a certain growl. Be honest now, haven\'t you ever noticed that it\'s kind of difficult to mix in sampled bass in your rock tracks? It\'s too loud, it\'s too soft, some notes pop out. It\'s not cutting through, so you mix it in too loud. It sounds synthy or drab. Electric bass is one of the easiest things to sample because of the lack of articulation/expression and it\'s tendency to play in mono. There is no reason that your bass samples shouldn\'t sound as good as the latest greatest cd you are listening to. I think that in many instances and for many genres the available libraries(pre-Harcore Bass) do the trick nicely, but in many instances they don\'t. Sorry if this is a hard sell for HCB, but northernsounds.com is all about information. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    Originally posted by Nick Phoenix:
    Electric bass is one of the easiest things to sample because of the lack of articulation/expression and it\'s tendency to play in mono.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">[img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] You can\'t be serious? lack of expression?
    Easy to do? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Anyway the advantage of direct in is the fact that you buy a \"bass\". Not a bass with an amp sound. Unfortunately we haven\'t seen a real good bass FX plugin yet - but who knows? Maybe it will come one day [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    And in a lot of music you record bass DI and add EQ, fx later.

    But apart from that, HCB sounds great to me and that is all what matters, right?

    You have some bass libraries to chose from and that is perfect.

    Mind that HCB and Trilogy had picked basses - I (Scarbee) don\'t have that yet.

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    This is the beauty of this forum, right there you have it:
    the three developper for the bass libraries you consider buying just posted one after the other (in a civilized manner) to tell you about the specifics of their products!

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    Re: SCARBEE vs. QL Hardcore Bass

    Scarbee, I don\'t play the bass, so I don\'t want to diminish that art. But, I believe that the electric bass is now the best sampled instrument available. The reasons are what I listed earlier. Guitar is much harder, for instance, because it plays polyphonically frequently, and this makes sampling exponentially more difficult. Slap bass and some jazz bass is quite expressive, but other bass genres are fairly straightforward.

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