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Topic: Aux Busses - who knows more ?

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    Aux Busses - who knows more ?


    ok, I´ve got an oldish Soundblaster AWE64 Gold, and I see only one pair of outputs that can be linked to one pair of Aux Busses.

    I understood that with this configuration you can only add reverb two either all the instruments or none. I am not able to have more reverb for the strings and less for the drums.

    If I changed to a GSIF-card - how many Aux Busses can I operate ? Does it depend on the actual number of outputs that the card provides or is it independent of the number of outputs ?

    Does any additional Aux Bus consume more memory or CPU ?

    Thanks for some hints.

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    Re: Aux Busses - who knows more ?

    Deep White,
    32 output??? Thanks for the inform. This is the one I\'m looking for...Are you using GigaSampler64? How you do that? could you please tell me more about it! (your soft and hard setup: SEQ?, Soundcard? PC/MAC?, more)

    I did try about 20 outputs, Gigasampler wasn\'t happy, it just locks up my system (I had to reboot). do have any troubles like this? any work-arounds?
    Thanks in advances,

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    Re: Aux Busses - who knows more ?

    I got 32 outputs (16 pairs) while there are 16 physical outputs (8 pairs).

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