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Topic: Ive seen the light

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    Ive seen the light

    I attended a vocal concert with a piano as the only instrument. There it was, in the middle of the stage in a nice little hall, a great sounding new fresh Steinway grand piano at Sdra Latins high school. I dont know which model, but I think its a Model C. Convince me that I NEED to sample it (Its a hell of a job) and I will. I dont know much about this particular instrument, but Ill learn more when I record a song with it in a week or so. Damn, those Steinways... [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Ive seen the light

    I love that piano as much as the next guy, but seriously, the last thing we need is yet another Steinway library. If anyone is considering doing their own library, how bout something we haven\'t seen yet?

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    Re: Ive seen the light

    Well seriously, I don\'t agree. I\'m very much looking forward to the Steinways to be released by Art Vista and VintAudio.


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    Re: Ive seen the light

    Go for it.

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    Re: Ive seen the light

    Matts, record it before the freshness wares off. You will regret it for the rest of your life, I know I will. Hurry, there\'s not much time! Spread your Steinway around the world!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Ive seen the light

    I can\'t wait to hear your samples. I hope this
    time we will hear pedal down samples as well.

    I personally like the sound of Steinway very
    much. So, I don\'t mind hearing more Steinway
    samples :-)

    I am surprised that there are not a lot of
    Kawai samples. I think the Kawai sound is
    very nice and full. (I don\'t particular like
    Kawai\'s piano action, but I sure like their
    sound.) I hope you can get to sample a Kawai
    somewhere down the road.

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    Re: Ive seen the light


    I understand the guys who feel that Steinways have been sampled to death, but Thomas Scarbee has already proved more than once that it\'s not the instrument which makes the difference, but the guy behind the recorder button.

    Go for it

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    Re: Ive seen the light

    Convince me that I NEED to sample it
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I had missed this. Yes, go for it!


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