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Topic: VSL...realistic string articulations?

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    VSL...realistic string articulations?


    How do those of you that have actually tried the VSL programs feel about the string articulations.

    The library is billed as avoiding the problematic \'machine gun\' (their phrase) effect on quicker passages by allowing multiple up and down bow samples. I\'m particularly interested in the effectiveness of the rapid bowing techniques in the pp-mp range.

    Secondly, they have developed some sort of proprietary method of simulating legato playing (the Achilles heel of sampling). Have they managed to pull this off? (I\'m not refering to the myriad sampled runs, scales, trills, etc. but to actual playable legato instruments.)


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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    Yes, you can set this up. There are actually three ways in VSL to do this.

    1) Use the samples in the Orchestral cube labeled Legato (you\'ll edit this group similar to Miroslav).

    2) Use the Legato samples setup for Legato mode within the Performance tool (only available with the Performances).

    3) Create the fast detache down bow/up bow you\'re speaking about using the Alternation tool. I\'ve done this and it works great!

    In fact, I\'m working right now on our customer training guide that covers this very subject plus provides a template with a saved Alternation tool setup.

    If you have any specific questions, call us after 11AM Pacific time.


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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?


    Do you think the Alternation tool works just as well for repetitions as the Repetion tool? Just seems to me the latter is more complicated to use.


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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    The VSL Performance Set includes a software application and specially recorded samples to facilitate the implementation of difficult to create musical patterns. These patterns include repeated notes, legato, appoggiaturas, and octave runs (first release anyway - more to come). The Performance Tool resided in between your sequencer and GigaStudio. Given the chosen effect and the Midi stream, it automatically chooses the appropriate sample via key switching. The Alternation Tool, for example, allows you to select a pattern of up to eight samples to consecutively alternate between. This defeats the machine-gun-effect. The Legato performance tool relies on a special set of legato samples. You write the line in your sequencer and the tool legatoizes it for you. How does is sound? Only you can judge for yourself. From the VSL site: Kevin Kliesch, Mathuias Geunthert , and of course there\'s Thomas J. Bergersen

    BTW, wez guyz from Chicago use the toim machine-gun-effect to desribe a social situation - see? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    VSL will bring you a long way in obtaining much more realistic fast string legato lines. I haven\'t used the repetition tool so much myself, I mostly swear by the legato patches, which really helps connect things.

    There\'s a short example of those at work at http://www.simonravn.com/media/Faststrings.mp3 which is from something I am working on. This uses VSL violins + violas legato patches layered with SI strings and I think it works really well.

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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    Originally posted by Craig_L:

    Do you think the Alternation tool works just as well for repetitions as the Repetition tool? Just seems to me the latter is more complicated to use. Craig
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">For slower tempos and creating long/short or short/ long phrases, yes. For faster tempos, it depends on the program.

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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    Thanks all...

    I will be listening the the suggested demos. The implementation of realistic legato is to me the \'Holy Grail\' of sampling technology.

    Peter...will the String subset of the library (if purchased seperately) include the performance files and programs?


    ps...Craig...Keep those \'machine gun\' strings around just in case...Geraldo might consider a sequel to the infamous \'Al Capone\'s Tomb\' episode [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    Speaking of Al Capone... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    Pro edition will have a \"grace note\" string patch ... it means we will be able to make fast runs without layering any staccato patch or other.

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    Re: VSL...realistic string articulations?

    Might I suggest checking the VSL forum and herb\'s examples of the performance: repetition tool.

    The mp3\'s should give you one idea on how you can get around the machine gun effect.

    As for legato, you should listen to the demos. Maarten Sprujit\'s cemetary piece has a lot of string work.

    I personally, like Simon, swear by the legato tool, and legato samples. Having them, and being able to play realtime legato is something I could never give up.

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