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Topic: D#maj7+16

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    Re: D#maj7+16


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    Hammering on a single key with the suspedal down (using gpiano), the polyphony meter sometimes indicates up to 16 voices being used for playing just that single note. Doesn\'t sound like economical use of polyphony by GSt. Or can anyone enlighten me of any point i\'m missing. I just got a bit confused about it...

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    Re: D#maj7+16

    Yes, this is true, however, if you open up the GIG in the editor, you can check \'Self Exclusive\' or something like that.

    What it does is that if you trigger a C note at velocity 40 and then strike again (with the sustain pedal pressed) at higher velocity say 60, GSt will mute the lower velocity. If you strike again with a velocity 30, it will not mute the 60. This conserves a LOT of polyphony.

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