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Topic: JAAB trumpet fall and other "effects" under CUBASE 6.5

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    JAAB trumpet fall and other "effects" under CUBASE 6.5

    dear all,
    i´m a pianist/composer and i´m working with
    sibelius 7
    cubase 6.5
    and garritan jaab 3

    i´m into sibelius for a long time but know i started composing for films etc. and i began to work with cubase.
    actually i have a small project where i have to use trumpet falls, shakes etc. and bass slides etc...

    i´ve passed a long time in cubase trying everything out, reading the article about brass shakes in this forum... but - like i´m a beginner - i don´t manage to get the trick out of it. ;-)

    f.e. this:
    "The controllers in the new version are as follows:
    1. Auto-legato (cc102) - acts as a switch. Mid values (e.g. 64) of cc102 will switch to shakes mode. A value of 127 will return behavior to standard Auto-legato "on" and 0 will turn Auto-legato "off."
    2. Velocity - acts as a volume "trim" for notes of the shake.
    And as supplemental controllers: cc15 = release effect (switched for falloff, doit, kiss) and cc29 = release effect level (continuous controller.) "

    what means cc102 ???
    when i open cubase and my project where i have played some vst bass stuff, then i go to the midi-editor... and i can see some "CC" numbers in the "note expression" field... but not these "cc102"/"cc29" ... how do i get there??

    sorry, this question may be silly ... but somehow i don´t manage it ;-/

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    Re: JAAB trumpet fall and other "effects" under CUBASE 6.5

    The cc102 and other things are MIDI continuous controllers. There are several reference projects here is this forum, but one that has pictures and other things including MIDI files is a SAX reference project I posted here http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...erence-project

    Once you have the basic CC idea understood, then the trumpet things will make sense.

    Let us know if this helps.

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