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Topic: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

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    Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Anybody out there have suggestions for some orchestral percussion samples? I\'d like to go cheap or free for now, and would upgrade to a Miroslav/VSL level later.

    I\'ve already got some reasonable timpani, and would like to add the following:

    * Snare - tuned high and ambient. Including some good, fast rolls. Tending more towards p than f. No machine guns please.

    * Cymbals - the kind that come in pairs. Not the rock n\' roll stick hittin\' kind. Some crashes, but mostly slow attack slides and big sustains.

    * Triangle - something to add treble and definition to the mix.

    That\'s it. I\'m doing some compositions with my new Bigga Orchestral Brass - and what goes better with a brass piece, than some nice percussion?

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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?



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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Unless you\'ve been living under a rock you gotta have heard of Tob and G-Town samples.....they are free and they are awesome!!!


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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Check this out.

    G-Town\'s stuff is great [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Check out G-Town http://gtown.has.it/
    You could also add more (free) timpani from the SAM site: http://www.projectsam.nl/

    If you\'re going to purchase a library, I\'d wait until EWQLSO is out, and then compare it with VSL. As they are more or less about the same price in this field...


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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Thanks for the information. I\'ve downloaded the G-Town samples and can\'t wait to try them. Thanks for removing my rock :-) I had heard about them on the Tascam forum, but I guess I wasn\'t in a downloading mood at the time. (I have dialup at home.)

    Now all I need is the triangle. I guess I can buy one and sample it myself. Next step: find a big church with great acoustics - and take some triangle lessons :-)

    And DS Soundware is definitely on my wish list. The demos sound wonderful. And the price is very attractive compared to the other top percussion sets.

    This should get me through this project as I save my pennies for the next project\'s libraries. Thanks!

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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    I had a strong feeling when I wrote the \"triangle lesson\" bit that there was more to playing the triangle than meets the ear. But I\'ve never really watched a trianglist (?) at work.

    Rather than lessons, how about a \"Triangle Mastery Tutorial\" video on a set of four CDs? :-)

    BTW, the G-Town samples are stunning. The combination of blistering attacks with rich, ambient decays is joyous. And the church organ is way more fun than the wimpy pipes in my Kurweil PC88. This is way more than I could have hoped for in a free sample set - triangle or no triangle.

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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Post Orchestral Instruments only costs $45.

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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Can't get to the G-Town site!
    Does anyone have any info on where to get the free samples?


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    Re: Orchestral Percussion Samples?

    Westgate has some great free percussion - including Triangle.


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