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Topic: VCACHE Settings?

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    VCACHE Settings?

    I have 256MB RAM. Running GigaStudio and Cubase VST/24 3.7r.

    What should I set VCACHE to? (I realize that the min and max values should be the same, the question is what value should I assign?)

    My present settingis 65536.

    I\'m presenty getting 80 voices of polphony on a PIII-500, BTW, which seems on the low side.


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    Re: VCACHE Settings?

    Sorry Lougheed, from what I can tell, that\'s the right number.

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    Re: VCACHE Settings?

    I just realized that this had already been answered in the \"Read this for more GStudio poly!!!!\" thread.

    OK, so I\'ve got the vcache settings correct. What else can I do to get more polyphony? Or is 80 voices the max with a *lowly* PIII-500?

    Would (1) disabling read-ahead optimizatin and/or (2) disabling write-behind disk caching have any positive effect?


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