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Topic: Giga conversion: sample names...

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    Giga conversion: sample names...


    I am trying to convert my Rhodes to Kontakt, the plan is to convert the Giga version and then replace all the samples in the sample folder with the 24 bit samples. (I tried to convert from EXS24 mk II, but Kontakt crashed)

    Now what happens is this:

    1) Only 1740 out 1752 samples vere converted.
    2) the samples were renamed during the process - a 01, 02, ..1740 were added before the sample name. This means that I can not just replace the samples.

    Unfortunately this means that I have to build the Kontakt version from scratch.

    Is there anyway you can fix this?

    I wonder if the name-thing has to do with the fact that on some of the drives the samples already exist in folders (EXS24/Halion).
    If this is the case then it should be possible to select a drive whwre Kontakt should be looking for samples - or just ignore that there are other smaples with same names.

    The missing samples however - looks like a bug.

    It would be wonderfull with a better conversion.

    Another thing:

    If I want to fine-tune all samles of C4 I have to maually select all the zones - and it is a bit difficult. It would be nice to ctrl-click on the key and then auto-selet all samples mapped to this key.

    Finally it would be great if you could have a modulation matrix like Halion - concerning controls of samples. In Halion you can do this:

    sample play if:

    1) Not on/off


    2) Key C0 pressed


    3) Modwheel 0-31

    If Kontakt could do this we could have:

    1) Note ON/ Release-trigger


    2) Key C0 pressed


    3) Modwheel 0-31

    AND (a 4 choice)

    4) Round Robin

    NOW - THIS would be awesome.

    In reality this could be:

    Sustained note on E-string play if:

    1) Note on
    2) Key-trigger C0
    3) Modwheel 0-31 (A-string play on 32-63, etc)
    4) Round Robin - alters between right hand index/middle finger.

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    Re: Giga conversion: sample names...


    Did you contact NI directly? I know they\'re working on a giga import patch, and I\'m sure they want to fix as many problems as possible.

    The sample renaming seems like a stupid thing to do, maybe they will address that too.


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    Re: Giga conversion: sample names...

    The sample rename routine during conversion is there for conversions of all the samples that are normally organised in the sub-folders of the gig-file. In Kontakt all wav\'s are stored in ONE folder and not in many sub-folders as in the original Giga file. This way if you have used the same name several times in different folders you will get correct references to the right file.
    You should not loose any files in the process, so my guess is that the files that are missing in the conversion were not referenced in the gig-file either. Did you use the \"save limited\" feature in Giga to leave all un-referenced files out? If so your conversion may be based on one instrument that didn\'t have all the files in use.

    I did the conversion for the Grandioso pianos and had no problems losing samples. The rename feature actually saved me from having to re-build a new file from scratch.

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