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Topic: OT: Old piano scores

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    OT: Old piano scores

    I have a couple of boxes of old piano scores from the 1930\'s to the 1950\'s. Some are hardbound, and others paperbound. There are opera librettos, and others as well. Three very nicely hard bound (and in good condition) books that are entitled \"Der Freyschutz\", \"Martha\", and \"Iolanthe\" published by Oliver Ditson and Co. in Boston. I was thinking of selling them on Ebay, but don\'t have any idea what they might be worth. Does anyone have any idea? They range from Bach to Czerny, to Schumann to a Tschaikovsky piano score of \"The Nutcracker\" and many others.

    -- Martin

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    Re: OT: Old piano scores

    I bought recently old piano scores of Bach and Wagner (Tannhäuser) for about 3.50 euros in Paris.

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    Re: OT: Old piano scores

    this maybe a long shot....

    I\'ve been searching for an out of print \"Rachmaninoff - Isle of the Dead - four hands/one piano\" (pub 1910) I can\'t remember who transcribed it, but I know there\'s only one piano version out there.

    it\'s hardly a collectors item. I just want it to play it.

    I\'d pay more than $3.50 for it just to make it worth your while. more like $20

    ....did anyone catch what Beethoven\'s 9th score sold for a few weeks ago?

    Aaron Dirk

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    Re: OT: Old piano scores


    I don\'t remember seeing any Rachmaninoff, but I will check when I get home tonight.

    -- Martin

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