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Topic: Wanted: "Voices of the Apocalypse” (VOTA)

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    Re: Wanted: "Voices of the Apocalypse” (VOTA)

    Aug, I already own Choirs. But Choirs just doesn’t sound as good, and there are so many issues with it…still! You can’t beat VOTA and Giga for the sound. I’m still hoping someone will come to my aid

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    Re: Wanted: "Voices of the Apocalypse” (VOTA)

    I hear you Robert. After purchasing Miroslav (owned now by IK Multi) I can say my old Miroslav flute in Giga (played in Gplayer) is FAR superior to the Miroslav played back in their own engine. I would have figured they simply took the samples from Giga, and perhaps they did, but the quality was lost somewhere. I don't like Miroslav at all in the IK player.

    My guess is VOTA is what everyone says it is - SUPER. I knew I should have picked it up a few years back.


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    Re: Wanted: "Voices of the Apocalypse” (VOTA)

    Hi Robert,
    I have the original VOTA library for sale. Original discs and CD case etc.
    All mint condition.
    Let me know if you are interested.


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    Re: Wanted: "Voices of the Apocalypse” (VOTA)

    Guitarman, if he's not responded, I'm def. interested in the purchase.

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