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Topic: New Farfisa Compact library available soon

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    New Farfisa Compact library available soon

    I\'d like to announce an upcoming library that I\'ll be releasing soon. The programming is all done, I just have do testing on another computer, so I think it should be good to go sometime next week. It\'s an 800 Meg library dedicated to a circa \'66-67 Farfisa Combo Compact combo organ, the classic combo organ used by Pink Floyd, Blondie, Iron Butterfly, Stereolab, and tons more. As far as I know the first and only dedicated Farfisa library, it contains approximately 800 7-8 second looped samples of every key of every voice tab, plus every combination of the Multi-tone Booster/All Booster voices with pitch wheel cross fade between the two which emulates the Farfisa\'s knee lever, as well as an FX program with reverb pan crashes and the weird oscillator leakage noise. It will initially be available in 24-bit EXS-24 format (32 programs in all, average 50 megs or so per program) , but I\'ll probably have a gigasampler version available before too long. Although, the EXS version should translate to giga with no problems using CDXtract or Translator, though I havn\'t tried this myself. There\'s not really any EXS specific programming to complicate the translation. I\'ll post a link to the website with more info when it\'s ready for ordering. The price is not absolutely set just yet, but should be well under $100. Here\'s a quick mp3 in the mean time, and forgive my sloppy playing. This is a direct bounce using only Logic\'s reverb.


    And for you combo organ fans, I\'ll also be putting out a Vox Continental library hopefully before the end of October.


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    Re: New Farfisa Compact library available soon

    WOW, nice demo..its really got the \"fuzz\" of a real farfisa.Any chance of u porting it for Kontakt,or al least let us know if its gonna translate properly.Theres alot of Kontakt users here...Rich

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    Re: New Farfisa Compact library available soon

    Originally posted by Rich Pell:
    WOW, nice demo..its really got the \"fuzz\" of a real farfisa.Any chance of u porting it for Kontakt,or al least let us know if its gonna translate properly.Theres alot of Kontakt users here...Rich
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The chance is slim to nil to offer native Kontakt programs. I just don\'t have the time to do it if I\'m going to put out additional libraries, and I really don\'t know Kontakt very well at all. I\'ll try it out and report back. I only have the demo of it though and it\'s been very unstable on my machine.

    I think EXS translates to most formats pretty well. With the exception of the 7 programs with x-fading it\'s pretty much just mapping and looping and one LFO, nothing complicated that might confuse the translation programs. Again I will try it out this weekend, in Halion as well, and report back. Unfortunately I\'m a Mac user and don\'t have PC or Gigastudio (yet) so I can\'t test that at the moment. Though I have translated some of my EXS programs from a different library to Giga and imported it directly back into EXS-24 and it worked fine.


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    Re: New Farfisa Compact library available soon

    Well, I tried out a program in Kontakt and when I imported the exs file directly into Kontakt it mapped out fine but the volume setting imported as all the way down and whenever I\'d try to adjust it my computer would freeze. This happened with any exs file I\'d try to import, so I don\'t know what\'s going on there. In the mapping editor I could play the individual files but the loop points seemed to not be accurate. I don\'t know if Kontakt has a problem with exs files or if it\'s just the demo version doesn\'t work well, or the mac version doesn\'t work well, which wouldn\'t surprise me as NI doesn\'t have a stellar record for producing stable Mac versions of their instruments. I also tried converting the same program to a native Kontakt file in CDXtract and the results were much better, some very quiet clicks at the loop point that weren\'t even audible when I was playing, only if I held down a single key. There\'s about 6-7 seconds before the loops begin though so much of the time you won\'t even get to the loop start. It\'s weird though because when I looked at the loop editor the loop points looked just fine, and the loops worked perfectly when I previewed the samples in CDXtract, so I\'m really not sure what to make of it, if the translation wasn\'t perfect or again if it\'s a mac or demo version of Kontakt problem. I personally think it\'s more likely the latter. Have you had success importing or translating exs files into Kontakt before? I wish I could offer more conclusive results. How about if I upload a program for you to test out in Kontakt?


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    Re: New Farfisa Compact library available soon

    hi daniel,yea,I think thats the best bet,as i use a full copy of kontakt on a fast PC and i know its stable.I helped Hans at Artvista get his Malmsjo piano get ported from giga to kontakt and i dont mind being yur guinea pig and even will be the first to buy yur CD if it can be translated properly.Just send me a patch with the samples Zipped or .sit to : richandali@sympatico.ca
    Best to you ,rich

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