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Topic: Weak ASIO Drivers from MOTU?

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    Weak ASIO Drivers from MOTU?

    I\'ve been using a MOTU 2408 MkIII for a couple months now. I use it with Logic. For some reason it works great for a while, and then out of nowhere the drivers just release and I have to restart everything. I\'m stumped. Has anyone else experienced this? It\'s really driving me nuts.

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    Re: Weak ASIO Drivers from MOTU?

    Yep, I had the same problem running the ASIO drivers with MOTU mkIII with Sonar. I spent days on the phone with MOTU and Cakewalk, but no \"fixes\" worked for 98SE, I had to switch to WinXP to use WDM drivers. Since your using Logic I can\'t tell if you\'re using a PC or a MAC, but I hope the info helps!

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    Re: Weak ASIO Drivers from MOTU?

    J and Lance,

    I have a friend I am trying to help with their Giga, Sonar and MOTU 828 rig. How has your Giga System been working with the 2408? Have you experienced any dropouts of the GSIF driver. It could be that the 828 GSIF drivers are more trouble because of the firewire protocol? My friend system experiences a major drop out with Giga at about the minute mark of use. Have you ever heard of such a problem?

    Garius Hill

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    Re: Weak ASIO Drivers from MOTU?

    I\'m running Logic 6 on Mac OS9. Will be switching to OSX soon, but not yet. MOTU 2408 Mk3 is running on this system. Not my Giga system. I\'m about to go nuts, but I\'m thinking maybe it\'s an archetecture thing. It happens with both DP and Logic. But I hvae friends running similar systems and they\'re not having problems. I have an older G4 so that may be the problem.

    G5 soon! Hopefully very soon......


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