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Topic: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

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    Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    I know that a couple of people were talking about creating a library that consisted of big, fat, heavy guitar samples and chords (maybe performances?) and was curious if these were still on the slate or if they have evaporated...
    Any libs out there that consists of this kind of sound?


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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    I think there\'s something called \"nu metal\" for sale at eastwest. The demo sounded good (sound quality wise) but it was so full of silly metal cliche\'s.

    I think a sample library of an electric guitar (especially playing metal) is very silly. I simply cannot believe anyone will ever be able to write a pounding power-chord riff with samples that sounds good. But I\'m probably wrong.....

    (on second thought, no, I\'m not).

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    I agree that just hiring a studio guitarist would be the better route for the end product, but I would like to have something on hand to do mock ups.

    It would also be cool to have a library of guitar effects, ie feedback loops, chugs, slaps, etc...

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    Yeah, Quantum Leap has a good one but sounds so unnatural so if you wish something problably I can record it for you, just let me know what exactly you want and I\'ll play it for you (I\'m also guitarrist).

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    Although we currently don\'t have an entire CD of a heavy metal guitar, our Amps & Pickups 1 CD does include a Les Paul, which certainly fits the bill, including both tones and chords. The CD also has Paul Reed Smith Guitar which has a fair amount of distortion and might also work for you (the chords more than the tones in this case). You can hear demos of these two at:


    We just finished our Ampes & Pickups 2 CD, and have plans to do a third one, which will be more more \"heavy\" guitar oriented, so keep an eye out for an announcement of that in the future.

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    working on it. we r still in the editing phase...
    as soon as we got something I\'ll post a demo.

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    Oh what the hey, since everyone is coming out of the closet. Look at my user name. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'ll have something available as well, soon enough. No demos until the product is done. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    You guys that are doing the heavy guitar CD:

    1) What vein are they gonna be in? I mean is it gonna sound like Korn, Slipknot, Deftones, etc?

    2) And what mics, pres, amps, guitars are you using?

    3) Are you familiar with the heavy sound, or working with someone who knows what it\'s
    supposed to sound like? (I\'ve heard the \"Nu-metal CD\" and it\'s merely a parody... no offense!) I
    would just like to hear something that is \"legit\".

    Most of the stuff I\'ve heard so far has either sounded bad or way too clean to be realistic. I just
    hope you all try to get a really fat sound.

    BTW... I wish someone would come out with a drum CD that sounded \"legit\" for heavy music
    too! Not something that sounds like 80\'s metal. It needs to be fat sounding with a lot of low end
    information (please put a 40 HZ tone on the kick like everyone that is doing real records does).
    Leave it noisy too! That\'s just part of it! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Maybe I could be someone\'s meter as to whether or not it sounds legit... I know this sound!

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    I couldn\'t agree with you more!
    The project I am currently working on will require the dirtiest, grimiest, noisest sounds in the universe.

    Or at least, I would like for them to.

    It\'s great to hear so many people are thinking about this kind of lib! I\'m glad I asked!

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    Re: Heavy Metal Guitar Library?

    If I had more time I would have done a guitar library like kid-surf is asking for... Me and the guitarist Daniel Forsblom did some tests on it back in time:

    We got everything planned.. articulations, riffs and patches, dubbing techniques, recording gear and so on.. the only thing we don\'t have is time. It might happen but not in the nearast future. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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