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Topic: clocklike ticking wont go away

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    clocklike ticking wont go away

    Afte much trial and error, I finally got GSt running. I have a dedicated PIII with a wavecenter (frontier) card with audio going into a MOTU 2408 connected to a G$ Mac. Whenever I turn the program on I get a loud ticking (like a clock) which I can\'t turn off. Any ideas anyone? It starts the second I have the program running and it doesnt matter if I disconnect the midi interface I am using. Is there any timing or synching clocks going on that arent readily apparent?

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    Re: clocklike ticking wont go away

    Shut off everything (PCs and MIDI-gears), Check all MIDI connections, you might have conficted-MIDI I/O or loosing connections.
    One thing, if you have comlexity MIDI setups, you should included the control-MIDI reset (control 121=0 for CH1~16 \"double check\" it I\'m not sure) in your Sequencer at least 2 seconds (apart of the song). Of course you can hard reset it in the MIDI program.
    Good luck!

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    Re: clocklike ticking wont go away

    This \'clock ticking\' sound is caused by out of synch sample. You need to set your MOTU 2408 (in the PCI 324 Console) to synch to ADAT input where you feed Wavecenter into.

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    Re: clocklike ticking wont go away

    Thanks abi

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