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Topic: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

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    Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

    Ok, I\'ve made a short snippet using the Bigga Giggas Tenor sax. There\'s been a lot of opinions about the demos for this library, and as I said in an earlier post, we have contacted people that are going to write some new demos for us, but in the mean time, I thought I give it a go. I have this midifile that I usually use for Rhodes, but I used the Tenor sax for the melodyline instead, tweeked it around a bit and here\'s the result. Hope you find this a bit more to your liking!
    It probably could be worked on some more, but I wanted to give a fast feedback since they have been a lot of bad reactions on the present demos.
    So, before I post it on our webpage, I\'d like to hear the forums opinion on this new demo.
    Bigga Giggas Tenor Sax Demo 3

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

    Thanks, Worra, for posting another demo.

    I know this instrument is impossible to sample well. In all honesty (with no intention to hurt anyone)the sound just leaves a lot to be desired still. It just sound really rough from to note to note.

    It seems sampling like VSL has done with it\'s woodwinds might be a promising way to sample a sax (but hey, what do I know about this stuff?)

    The best part of the demo was the jazz lines. Is this you improvisin\'?

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

    Well when the sax blows over the changes, you lose the reality of it. I think the tone is close to the real thing, but how the notes hang together doesn\'t sell me.
    I\'m working on a jazz score now and that demo makes me think of the possibilities.
    If there were just some way to get the sound for the repeated notes and runs to be smoother. The potential is there. Maybe it\'s a programming thing so the notes taper off properly?

    Thanks-Mildly interested.

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

    maybe I\'m just too spoiled worra and want something that sounds more realistically played.

    which obviously wont come from samples with a sax.

    for me I dont like the demo again. Its less \"static\" than the last demos, but the quicker solo lines really show the problems of playing stuff like that with this lib. Eveythings got an attack.

    are there \"bent\" notes, pitching up or down to a note?

    I\'m working on a big band piece right now with QL Brass, so I know how hard it is to get it to sound real.

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

    Worra, Did you try a woodwind controller, instead of a keyboard, to play these samples? If not, I think this could change the feel a lot.

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

    But if you\'re not gonna try and fool the trained ear a little, we might as well stick to the sax that comes with GM 500. Afterall, it\'s only for sketching right? So, why would we purchase this library if it\'s not going to be semi-realistically convincing.

    I think as someone posted before, try it with a wind controller and see if that doesn\'t coax some of the better qualities out.

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo


    thanks for your efforts..I\'d like the people in this forum who are anxious as much as I am to see more Reed development to listen to a few of my newer arrangements on my Web Site Below and offer thoughts about the Alto Sax (vib) I tend to favorite this axe at present that is used in many of my solos and leads.

    My latest scores are \"On and On\" and \"It\'s Too Late\" There are many more: please check this and the description where the Alto and or the Tenor is used.


    Having a good sampled Reed leads to more inspiration and better chorusing when one articulates the reed at the master keyboard.

    I welcome your thoughts and opionions as always.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo


    i checked \"on and on\" but I can\'t say i was impressed with the groove or realism of that production.
    I realize it is really challenging to write jazz midi tracks. Jazz is meant to be played by virtuosos that interact in real time so no matter how much time one spends tweaking, it will always fall short compared to the real thing.
    But i have heard some decent attempts here and there and I can\'t say \"On and on\" is one of them.
    The drums are dead, same with the piano. The sax sounds synthetic and all of these factors contribute to bring your arrangement down.
    If you are into midi jazz tracks I suggest you check out Peter Erskine drum loops. This alone would radically change the vibe of your pieces.
    Hope this helps


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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo

    I just wrote some very nasty comments here, which would probably get me banned from Northern. So I decided to erase them...

    Isnt music a subjective thing...

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Dare I.... A new Bigga Giggas Sax demo


    Normally for sax, I use the Yamaha VL physical modelling synths. However, I sometimes use the sampled alto sax illustrated in the following mp3 example (for piano and two altos):
    If you like the sound of this sax, I\'ll give more details.

    Best regards
    p.s. The example for the mp3 was composed and recorded in half an hour, so please don\'t make too many critical comments about the music.

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