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Topic: OT: Naive Business Question

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    OT: Naive Business Question

    Forgive me for posting crude questions in here, but I\'m new to the business aspect of music and everyone here has a great Handel on it. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    I\'m sure the answer to my question differs from state to state, but do I need to charge sales tax if I provide a client with music or a jingle? It\'s seems tricky since music is an intangible creation.

    Thanks Travis Barnes

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    Re: OT: Naive Business Question


    Good news: You don\'t have to charge tax in most states for creative work such as works-for-hire and music packages and the like.

    Bad News: Your state might suck, and you\'ll need to talk to an accountant.

    But for the most part, there are few, if any, situations where you\'ll need to charge sales tax.

    Good luck.

    - Stew

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    Re: OT: Naive Business Question

    Well, from many first hand experiences, my state does suck, but I\'ll need to call and check if they suck in that particular regard. Thanks for the reply, Travis

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    Re: OT: Naive Business Question

    good idea

    being that your in sue city....

    ok..man I\'m full of reall REALLY bad ones tonight

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    Re: OT: Naive Business Question

    Sounds like you know your way around Iowa. It\'s quite a Field of Dreams.
    I know my way around your neck of the woods too. I lived in the Cities for 2 years. I have a New Hope of moving back there someday. But it\'s a Wayzata here. I need to save a Mound of cash to buy real estate up there. The traffic is so Savage though. I\'ve heard about a virtual cafe called E-dina(you never get full). Living in Excelsior you must be on the lake....I suppose that lake\'s better than the Prior Lake. You can\'t really Blaine me for all this PUN-ishment, can you?
    BTW, I actually have a friend in Mound. Next time I visit him, I should get a studio tour from you....but we can chat about it another time.
    Back to the stupidity......I suppose I\'ll Hanover this thread to someone else.

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    Re: OT: Naive Business Question


    Good question. In some states, if you \"sell\" music as a work for hire, the state does in fact consider it as a \"product\", and therefore subject to sales tax. Here in Virginia, it\'s 4.5%.

    For this (and lots of much better reasons), it\'s a good idea not to do work for hire if you can get away with it. It\'s much better to license your music to a client (ad agency, film production company, etc.). I\'ve been doing this for over 20 years, and have a fairly bulletproof license that I (and a few attorneys) have fine-tuned over the years. If you\'d like to email me privately, I\'ll be glad to send you a copy of the license.

    Just my 4.5 cents.


    JDK Music


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    Re: OT: Naive Business Question




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