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Topic: Crackling from loudness, but no clipping?

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    Crackling from loudness, but no clipping?


    It could very well be just my crappy speakers. Anyone else hear crackling in this? If you do, let me know. That\'s odd, because there was no clipping at all... what would cause this?

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    Re: Crackling from loudness, but no clipping?


    I hear the pops, they are prominent. Took a look at the file in Samplitude , but couldn\'t find a reason for them. Have you done any processing to the file? I have found that pitch correction with Antares Autotune 3 sometimes can create clicks like that.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Crackling from loudness, but no clipping?


    Distortion can happen in any part of the digital signal chain if you over load any part of it.

    It doesn\'t need to \"clip\" in the final audio wave.

    The digital signal chain process works similar to audio signal chaining. Imagine linking a cable to every part of you virtual studio


    you can cause distortion in any part of that chain

    In fact its much more detailed than that
    Giga itself has alot of routing going on (MIDI channel-DSP Station channel strip-FX/Aux buss-master)

    You could be causing this distortion within giga (it soudns like it to me, Vota is rich with harmonic content and a few voices add up to alot of db power, add resonating artifacts from NFX verb and its time for rice crispy treats) and then if you\'re capturing to the sequencer via analog cable or some other mixing source, you wont see the clipping in the audio file.

    if its not happenign in giga, Hans is right you could be overloading a plug in or something.

    Other things to look out for are corrupt giga files that can cause crackling, or it you\'re capturing to the same computer playing the giga files (noise from the har drive can cause weird artifacts), blah blah blah...blah blah blah

    jsut wanted to beat bruce to teh punch

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    Re: Crackling from loudness, but no clipping?

    You\'re right, the crackling is coming right from GigaStudio. I just managed to pull it off with some loud SAM Horns stuff. Does this just mean I need to chill on the loudness and take it easy? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Crackling from loudness, but no clipping?

    Jsut bring down the overall volume of the master faders in giga. See if that helps.

    If not then you\'re clipping before the masters in reverbs or something, in which case you\'ll have to do some fiddling with output volumes or MIDI channel volumes.

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    Re: Crackling from loudness, but no clipping?

    Thanks King [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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