I realize this may be too far off-topic for this forum, but I can hardly contain myself after going on a tour of the new home of the LA Philharmonic, designed by Frank Gehry. The Walt Disney Concert Hall was built with grants from the Disney children, not the corporation. It is a stunningly beautiful building.

It looks so promising, that I can hardly wait to hear music in there. And, as the music director is very involved in the recording arts, special features are built in to the design for recording purposes.

A model


A view from the balcony


Web cam photo


Completion will be fall of 2003. Any of you planning trips to LA would do well to consider including a concert of the LA Phil while you\'re in town.

I\'ve never been to an \"in the round\" hall for orchestral music....not that the choir seats will be ideal for listening. But it is an interesting concept for those who enjoy watching the conductor.

Sorry if this is too far off topic. But what is germane, I think, is the idea of orchestral personalities and how the space is integral to that. The LA Phil is a very loud orchestra, partly because of their current home, the Dorothy Chandler.

What I find interesting in using sample libraries, is that many of you midi-masters really do get different personalities out of the current libraries based on how you use them. And use of space (even though artificial) is key. For that reason, I believe that Quantum Leap may be on to something in the way they are conceiving their orchestral library.