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Topic: VSL upgrade price confussion

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    VSL upgrade price confussion

    Maybe I\'m wrong but has anyone else noticed this.

    Upgrade from 1st ed. to Pro
    Strings 390
    Brass & Winds 390
    Percussion 295

    Upgrade from 1st ed. to Pro
    Cube 1,090

    Why isn\'t it cheaper to upgrade the Cube than it is to upgrade each individual piece? Are the upgrade prices of the individual pieces not available to Cube owners? Or the Complete package for that matter?

    Upgrade complete package 2,090

    Upgrade Cube and
    Performance set individually 2,080

    Upgrade everything in pieces 2,065

    I know it\'s only a $25 difference, but why are the owners of the complete package paying the most?

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    Re: VSL upgrade price confussion

    Shipping charges?

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    Re: VSL upgrade price confussion

    I\'m not sure what you mean by \"shipping charges.\" Are you saying that those who upgrade don\'t pay for shipping on top of the 2,090 upgrade price?

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    Re: VSL upgrade price confussion

    I don\'t know. I guess what I meant was that if you buy seperate sets you pay shipping for each individual one. If you buy the set as a whole, you only pay shipping for one set. (?)

    I probably don\'t know what I\'m talking about.

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