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Topic: GigSampler updates??????

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    GigSampler updates??????

    Does anyone know if there are any plans for GigaSampler updates...or do you have to upgrade to GigaStudio


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    Re: GigSampler updates??????

    I heard some guy from Nemesys mention a Gigasampler 1.7, but I don\'t know any release date.


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    Re: GigSampler updates??????

    Well, my startup screen for Gigastudio says version 2.0. I guess the 2.0 means that GSt is the update we\'ve been waiting for.

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    Re: GigSampler updates??????

    Someone from Nemesys said some time ago that they were not abandoning Gigasampler.
    I think we\'e likely to see a 1.7 upgrade for Gigasampler at some stage after they get on top of the Gigastudio bugs.
    Maybe Gigasampler will end up being to Gigastudio what LE is to Gigasampler.

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