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Topic: To Upgrade or not?

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    To Upgrade or not?


    Been batting around the question whether or not to upgrade to GSt. I\'m using a Darla24 with GS/LogicAudio/DS2416. I can see where I\'d be happy running the 8 outs from the Darla into my outboard efx, then to my mixer. I don\'t really have a need for the added voices/midi channels since everything is being run on the same machine, and it seems its taxed to it\'s limits already. If I did get GSt, I would want to use it on it\'s own machine. Something I wouldn\'t be able to afford \'till the next part of next year. So in essence, GSt might be laying around for quite a few months. Also, it seems that quite a few folks are enjoying<not> a bugfeast with GSt, which would be compounded by running multiple apps. I feeling like I don\'t need it, but was looking for any advantages of upgrading(at such a great price) now with the likelihood of it sitting around. Seems like it might be a waste of money at this point. Are the extra gig files that come GSt a possible justification?



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    Re: To Upgrade or not?

    As you can see, there are some people that have no problems using Gigastudio, and others (like me) who have a hopeless mess.

    Clearly, you take a risk by upgrading to Gigastudio. So it\'s sort of a matter of comparing your system specs to the systems of those who are having success with the product, and also a little prayer.

    Some people suggest wiping out my system, formatting my drives and starting over.
    Not an option. I will not do this for ANY one product.

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    Re: To Upgrade or not?


    I think you must wait a bit before upgrading.

    I was running GigaSampler with Logic Audio Platinum with no problem at all but when I upgrade to GigaStudio, I was unable to playback my songs through the new GigaStudio midi driver.

    I tried a lot of thing, trust me... and it doesn\'t work. I post my problem to tech support.

    Also, the instrument editor ( wich have been enhanced ) crash more often.

    By the way, I like much more GigaStudio but because of the bugs... If I was you, I\'ll wait till you see a patch upgrade.

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    Re: To Upgrade or not?

    I have a question, maybe similar to the \"to upgrade or not\". The Main reason I try to upgrade my Gigasampler to Gigastudio96/160 is I want real 32 GSIF output channels. (mine only 16) Since my hardware (pulsar) could handles 32. I think most of GigaStudio users here are expert, Plesae help!. I don\'t care so much about No. of voices (64/96/160), but I do care No. of GSIF outputs. Is it possible that I can have 32 outputs from the GigaStudio as in the spec? Nemesy, where are you?
    Best regards,
    GigaSampler User,

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