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Topic: VOTA sounding quite nice

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    VOTA sounding quite nice

    Not that VOTA sounds bad, of course. There are some situations where I\'m trying to achieve a certain choral sound and I\'m just not getting it.

    I\'m submitting a spec demo to the client to get more work on this project I\'m doing. If they like this, I get to do another 2-minute track for the game (this will be the third track!) This is for a certain level that\'s very \"crystalline\" and \"icy.\" Daytime, outdoors. So I came up with this and used a celesta and VOTA \"Angels\" to add a brilliant/icy feel to it. I think VOTA really shines here--granted, it\'s not in the foreground, but you can hear it well.. and without it, the piece wouldn\'t sound the same.


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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    That first \"boooooommm\" gave me the chills!!

    The music is so dark and evil. I love that!

    I\'m sorry but EEEK on the Soprano highs. Something in the pitch and vibrato sound very fake to me.

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    That\'s odd.. sounds ok to me. Maybe I\'m going deaf. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    I\'ll shut up now [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Hey, what did you use for the boom?

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    Sharmy: thanks. I suck at string runs.. I\'ll check it out and see if I can smooth it out somehow.

    Francis: the big \"boom\" off and on throughout the piece is LOP\'s Ludwig bass drum.

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    Sweet! I don\'t have LOP [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    I have UOP.

    Also, again ... nice score.

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    Thanks for listening [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    Tense and icy. Very nice.

    For me the weakest (splitting hairs) aspect was the transition from the :06 string run to the start of the voices. I\'d probably peak the volume of the run, add some reverb tail, and ease in the first notes of the voice with the faders. Something to smooth the transition.

    Then again, that might suck :-)

    Do what sounds right to you. You\'ve got the feeling nailed. And you\'re right. VOTA sounds great in that context. Mainly because of what you\'ve done with the strings and the glock. And the transition to the horns is perfect.

    Good luck in getting the job.

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice


    Thanks for the good advice. Usually in transitions that are not entirely smooth, I cover the transition with a cymbal roll or something along those lines. In this case it\'s a small gong. I\'ll have a listen tomorrow on some bigger speakers (my car--ha ha) and see how it sounds.

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    Re: VOTA sounding quite nice

    I can picture it. A competition audio car with 10,000 watts pumping through a dozen 15 inch subs cranking out Giga classical music, as the Ludwig bass drum shatters the windows on main street, impressing the street urchins to no end... Hey, street urchins may be the target market!

    Regarding the cymbal roll/gong solution, that makes a lot of sence, and is certainly the more honest, musical approach. I can\'t help but go for the technical solution - the engineer in me never sleeps :-). Thanks for the insight.

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