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Topic: Panning in Gigsampler??

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    Panning in Gigsampler??

    Im using Cubase with GigaSampler. How do I control the panning of my GigaSampler channels? Do i go it through Cubase or GigaSampler??


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    Re: Panning in Gigsampler??

    Anyone out there that can answer this question? I need to know how I can control the pan of my Gig intruments when using Cubase. Thanks.

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    Re: Panning in Gigsampler??

    Just use the pan controller (#10) in Cubase. Giga will respond accordingly.

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    Re: Panning in Gigsampler??

    hi IOC, you mean in the Mixer window? Sorry not sure what you mean by #10 Pan Controller.

    Also as far as volume settings go is there anyway to use the Cubase Mixer to change GS channel volumes?

    Thanks bud.

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    Re: Panning in Gigsampler??

    Controller #10 is the standard midi controller number.
    I\'m not sure how you generate this from within Cubase, but I\'d bet you can set up a mixer style page where the sliders represent midi controllers with the number you need.
    You can probably also do it in the key edit page as controller info, but it\'s just not as elegant.

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