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Topic: Sonar 3???

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    Sonar 3???

    Hey Guys

    This looks interesting, check it out.



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    Re: Sonar 3???


    Yes, someone posted that on the Sonar forum as well. Looks like they\'ve been listening and working hard.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Sonar 3???

    Cool, let\'s hope it has some sort of \"Freeze\" function. That would make it super powerful.

    Right now, it can bounce a dxi or vst to track faster than real-time, but not behind-the-scenes as a background task, like the Freeze button.

    I must say I\'ve been very impressed with Sonar so far as I\'ve been using cakewalk stuff for years.

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    Re: Sonar 3???

    For me to buy, it would have to sport a serious upgrade in it\'s notation ability as well as serious sync stabilty with video.

    I would be on the Sonar 2.2 bandwagon if those features were there.

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    Re: Sonar 3???

    I wouldn\'t expect the scoring functions will be significantly enhanced. This is purely a guess on my part, and I\'m not BETA testing this :/

    With Cubase and Sonar in a dogfight for supremacy over the PC I think both Sonar and Cubase are gonna bring out ALL the sequencing stops in these next revs :-D

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    Re: Sonar 3???

    Cubase has never appealed to me and now, with their SX version everything has become even worse. Try dealing with a 100+ tracks template for example. According to reliable sources performance is so significantly decreased with lots of tracks that it becomes impossible to work with it. Checking/unchecking a solo or mute button takes 2 seconds(!!) and things are generally even more sloppy than it used to be.

    SONAR all the way for me.


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    Re: Sonar 3???

    Nothing I can say against Sonar either.


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    Re: Sonar 3???


    I have spoken with some \"nameless\" people at Cakewalk and hear that the update is really huge. One area that I hear they are working on is 5.1 mixing. I am not sure if that will be included in the 3.0 release but I know it\'s coming. That is something I really look forward too.

    At any rate, Cakewalk is producing some amazing software at present and I feel better all the time for choosing Sonar as my recording platform.

    looking forward to seeing what\'s coming,

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    Re: Sonar 3???

    I\'m pretty much contented with Sonar 2.2 so I can\'t imagine how happy I will be with the new enhancements.

    I\'ll be looking forward to Sonar 3!


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    Re: Sonar 3???

    nice, don\'t forget Cakewalk and Roland have some stuff cooking as well...

    -david abraham

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